4 Reasons to Have Snake Skin Handbag Right Now


Are you a handbag woman? If you say yes, you surely own a lot of adorable handbags in the closet. It is understandable because the value and function of handbag are truly important. As handbag junkie, you also can’t get out of home without wearing it.

In a fashion industry, snake skin handbag is a must-have item for all women. That’s why you shall own it too. If you still hesitate to purchase snake skin handbag, we will give you the explanations below. Without further ado, here is a list of our reasons.

Great for All Occasions

The right handbag is definitely a nice outfit completer. Snake skin handbag is really appropiate stuff to wear to dinner, wedding and romantic dating. Plus, it is also suitable for attending formal meeting at your office as well. It instantly adds a classy touch to your style.

Broad Awesome Choice

Snake skin handbag is like a piece of art. Just buying one snake skin handbag may be not enough for you. There is a wide selection of stunning snake skin handbags. Of course, the pattern, color and size vary. However, all the color of snake skin handbag is versatile for any cloth.

Classic yet Luxury

A snake skin handbag is widely used in the prestigious world’s fashion capital. That’s why the demand of snake skin handbag is gonna increase over the years. Then, it becomes the common sight in every luxury stores. Once you carry out snake skin handbag, it will make you stand out in the glamorous way.

Beautiful Fashion Stuff

Snake skin hand has undoubtedly delicate texture and gorgeous scales. You are definitely so proud of wearing snake skin handbag due to its fine material quality.  As the most selectioned handbag, you will look much more trendy. Last but not least, it is totally worth of your money.

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4 Tips to Take Care of Your Snake Skin Handbag


If you are a career woman, you certainly can’t leave the handbag behind.  Basically, its purpose is to hold your posessions. Over time, handbag also reflects status and character of a woman. As an active and bold person, you must opt for a snake skin handbag.

Wearing snake skin handbag makes your style stand out compared to the other women. It is not only stunning, but also gives luxury touches to your outfit. But in reality, snake skin handbag needs a special care. To be clueless-free, we have gathered up the tips for you.

Clean The Scales

Unwanted dusts and dirts are usually found out underneath scales of snake skin handbag. Use a super soft brush to remove them. Be sure you clean it gently to avoid the scales from lifting up. Then, wipe the scales with a slightly damp cotton cloth.

Condition It Naturally

Snake skin handbag tends to dry out easily without conditioning. Do not worry you can maintain its smooth look by applying a leather conditioner or olive oil with the direction of its scales. No olive oil? Luckily, coconut oil works well in conditioning snake skin handbag too.

Keep It Away from Strong Sunlight

It must be underlined that all snake skin products are seriously sensitive to direct sunlight. A snake skin handbag is fragile as well. Plus, do not use any heater. For instance, let it dry with the help of hair-dryer is strictly not allowed. By far, air-dry is the best method.

Store It in the Right Place

All snake skin handbag obviously requires loving care. Before storing your snake skin handbag, you have to wrap it in the clean clothes or acid-free tissue papers. After that, keep it in the dust bag in the cool and dry place. Since the air is able to reach your snake skin handbag, it can breathe freely.

Hopefully, you get informed with the tips above. When you are vacationing in Bali, just go to DEFV TANNERY to buy authentic snake skin handbag like you want. There is a wide range of snake skin handbags at reasonable prices.

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4 Floaties to Make Your Summer Weekend Perfect

On this vacation, don’t miss the precious chance to lie on pool floats. Because they are too great to pass up. It is also undeniably true that pool floats have been flooding the Instagram feeds for the past few years. They are such good companions to any poolside too.

If you travel to your favorite summer destination, bring along a pool float. However, finding pool float that matches your style nicely is pretty difficult. But you must not worry about it anymore. In this article, we specially have rounded up the most fabulous pool floats for you.

Pegasus Pool Float


Are you a horse lover? I guarantee you will love posing on pegasus pool float. It is as majestic as an unicorn. Since the craze of unicorn seems over, the pegasus pool float certainly will be a like-getter on social medias. Plus, this rainbow-winged pool accessory has jumbo size to seat up you and your bestie.

Toucan Pool Float


For you who wanna laze away comfortably, we recommend this one to you. If you set up a pool party, it is gonna be awesome decoration. Trust us, there is nothing cooler than having fun in the sun with this oversized bird-themed pool stuff. Moreover, it surely adds the tropical vibes to your backyard summer sanctuary.

Kiwi Pool Float


You might get bored with floaties in the animal series. This mega kiwi pool float will win your heart for sure. Surprisingly, it looks so realistic and juicy. In addition, its vibrant green color fits perfectly with your swimsuit. Totally charming and hilarious, what else could you ask for?

Sea Shell Pool Float


We bet you ever had a dream of being a goddess. Make your dreams come true by relaxing in the pool with an oversized sea shell pool item. You are gonna be the most mystical and stunning water creature. Once you stay on it, you will quickly feel so magical.

Are you looking for amazing pool floats? When you are in Bali, do not forget to rent floaties at Ruby Floaties. There is a huge choice of floaties at super affordable prices. You also get free delivery and pickup from Ruby Floaties. Check the floaties selection on Instagram of @defvtannery.

To rent the floaties, please contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. You can leave a direct message on our Instagram as well. Let’s lie on the pool float, folks!

4 Insanely Awesome Floaties for Adults in 2018

Currently, a lot of celebrities make floaties more famous. It means that floaties will always be in the pool. Moreover, pool floats are easily taking all social media by the storm. Then, you shall go ahead of this summer trend by bringing an inflatable stuff to your pool as well.

But in reality, standard floaties aren’t that good. They also don’t suffice anymore for sure. In the Instagram era, you must look for attractive floaties. Without choosing the impressive ones, your vacation is gonna be boring. Here is our recommendation to give you the finest pool experience.

Rainbow Cloud Pool Float


Kids love seeing stunning rainbow in the sky. However, rainbow pool floats aren’t just for them. This pool item is also great for working on your tan and lounging. It has 7 vibrant colors to cheer you up. Furthermore, you can soak up the rays in pretty color with it. What a best day!

Sea Horse Pool Float


A pool raft is not enough for perfect summer. So why don’t you opt for a sea horse pool float? Since sea horse is a graceful creature, you are able to lounge in an elegant style. It also comes in mega size. As the result, you will get tanned skin comfortably.

Golden Swan Pool Float


Let yourself enjoy the cool water happily by riding golden swan pool float. There is no time for ruining your hair, summer hat and sunglasses. Its luxury design obviously makes you feel so rich. Plus, it adds leisure and pleasure to your pool at the same time.

Duck Pool Float


When you were a small kid, you might be obsessed with a rubber duck. Now, you can find it, but in the form of duck pool float. Just imagine you lie on it all the day with your significant other or best friend. Once you choose this charming water toy, you never leave it behind.

You surely need those babies on your summer vacation. Rent the floaties soon at Ruby Floaties, a floatie rental provider based in Bali. There is a wide choice of gorgeous floaties at affordable prices. Best of the best, you get free delivery and pick-up. How good the deal is!

Do not wait too long! Choose floaties of your dream. Contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Wish you a fascinating vacation, everyone!

4 Heart-Pumping Activities You Should Try in Bali


Do you plan to go on vacation? Great! Because traveling is an interesting way to find out and explore new things in the life. First thing first, you must decide where you will go. In this case, Bali can be supremely awesome vacation destination for you.

Bali may be not as thrilling as the other destinations at first. But you get wrong. This tiny tropical paradise is the right place to give adrenaline-pumping activities a try. If you have no idea to begin with, we will give the answers to you in this article. Check these out, folks!


We know that you love diving. But, how’s about freediving? It is actually same like diving, without using breathing equipments. So, you have to hold your breath when you go under the sea. The wonderful spot for freediving is at Tulamben shipwreck.


Although it is categorized as extreme fun watersport, it is suitable for any beginner. You will be able to jump, swim, float in the super refreshing water and see magnificent landscape. In Bali, Kalimudah Canyon and Kerenkali become favorite places for all canyoning lovers.

Paddle Surfing

As one of the newest outdoor water-based activities, it is continously gaining attention from paddle surfers across the world. You will be paddling on wider surfboard while riding a canoe. It is gonna be an amazing day because you glide with the Bali waves. Just go for paddle surfing in Sanur Beach.

Making a Splash at Waterbom Bali

When you travel to Bali with family, it is better to spend hot scorching afternoon at Waterbom Bali. This water wonderland is a place for all age groups. Do not forget to try adrenaline-fuelled waterslides and attractions such as Climax, Boomerang and Python. There are saltwater and kid pools too.

To create an indulgently memorable vacation, you must come to Waterbom Bali. For an easier booking process, you can get the tickets from Kombi Box Bali Tour. We surely give you the best deal ever.

Please contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone to book tickets of Waterbom Bali. So, let’s have a fun at Waterbom Bali!

4 Hilariously Giant Floaties for Your Epic Vacation

Summer is coming soon, folks! You definitely wanna plan a memorable family vacation. In this summer, you must choose the right vacation spot. In this case, you can opt for traveling to Bali. By vacationing in Bali, you will be able to do a lot of indoor and outdoor activities.

Recently, vacation goers love sunbathing on pool floats. You shall do the same. Because it is gonna make your vacation more relaxing. If you are looking for an ultra comfy pool float, keep reading this article. Here are 4 big pool floats to maximize your summer vacation.

Watermelon Pool Float


Generally speaking, watermelon becomes the universal symbol of summer. When the sun is out, it means great time to lie on watermelon pool float. We guarantee you won’t regret a lazy day on this pool stuff. To make your vacation more perfect, eating a slice of juicy watermelon.

Rainbow Pegasus Pool Float


It is certainly statement-making pool accessory. That’s why you can use rainbow pegasus pool float for hanging out at beach, decorating pool party and photo shoot. Moreover, it has visually appealing color and luxury design. Its large space is ideal for 2 adults too.

Pineapple Pool Float


Take yourself away to a true paradise, by lounging elegantly on pineapple pool float. It is not only gigantic, but also brings hours of excitement to your vacation. If your favorite fruit is pineapple, this inflatable pool item is a must. Furthermore, it is one of the most Instagram-worthy pool floats.

Peacock Pool Float


Who says that peacock won’t be in the pool? It is totally wrong. Peacock pool float is such best companion to any summer getaway. Its design is truly amazing and stunning. Plus, it is aquatically adept. Once you sunbathe on peacock pool float, you can’t stop dreaming about the next vacation.

Without bringing pool float, your vacation must be simply boring. When you are in Bali, just rent those inflatable water toys at Ruby Floaties. There is a huge selection of grandiose floaties at reasonable prices. Best of all, you get free delivery and pick-up. Sounds good, right?

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5 Aktivitas Air yang Seru untuk Anak Kecil di Bali


Liburan sekolah sudah tiba. Itu artinya Anda harus segera menyiapkan liburan keluarga yang tak akan terlupakan. Bagi Anda yang memilih pulau Bali, pastikan Anda tahu agenda liburan selama berada di sana. Selain itu, buatlah daftar kegiatan yang melibatkan olahraga air untuk buah hati Anda.

Namun, perlu Anda ketahui bahwa tidak semua aktivitas air cocok dan aman untuk mereka. Jika Anda masih bingung menyusun rencana liburan anak Anda, di sini kami akan membantu dengan senang hati. Inilah aktivitas air seru yang kami rekomendasikan untuk anak berusia di atas 7 tahun.

Jet Ski

Anak-anak Anda dijamin mempunyai pengalaman menyenangkan ketika mereka mengendarai jet ski di Tanjung Benoa. Tidak hanya itu, aktivitas ini juga membuat mereka merasakan euforia. Sebagai orang tua, Anda tidak usah merasa cemas karena sang buah hati akan didampingi oleh instruktur profesional. Setiap peserta juga akan mengenakan jaket keselamatan. Aman kok!


Ajaklah anak Anda mencoba parasailing di Bali. Nantinya Anda dan pasangan duduk di sebelah kiri dan kanan, semantara anak duduk di bagian tengah. Anda dan mereka akan diterbangkan dari kapal dan turun juga di atas kapal. Jangan sia-siakan pengalaman ini untuk melihat keindahan Bali bak burung yang terbang bebas di udara.

Arung Jeram

Walaupun anak Anda masih pemula dalam dunia arung jeram, mereka akan mampu menaklukan aliran sungai Ayung di Ubud. Sebab di sana tingkat kesulitan bermain arung jeramnya masih mudah. Arus sungainya juga relatif tenang. Bayangkan betapa bahagianya ketika buah hati dan pelatih berteriak bersama melewati tantangan di Sungai Ayung.

Mengunjungi Pulau Penyu

Aktivitas yang satu ini tidak hanya menarik, tetapi juga memberikan banyak keceriaan. Pasalnya Pulau Penyu di Tanjung Benoa merupakan destinasi yang sangat tepat untuk keluarga. Terdapat banyak penyu hijau yang lucu. Jika anak Anda mau, mereka bisa menggendong si penyu. Bahkan kalau mereka berani, mereka juga dapat berfoto bersama burung atau ular piton besar.

Bermain di Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali selalu membuat para pengunjung terpukau dengan atraksi dan permainan airnya yang berkelas dunia. Lalu, mengapa Anda tidak pergi kesana saja? Wahana ini menyediakan segala hal, baik untuk anak-anak maupun orang dewasa. Itulah mengapa Waterbom Bali akan menjadikan liburan keluarga Anda terasa istimewa.

Segera datang di Waterbom Bali dan rasakan hari yang spektakuler bersama anak-anak Anda. Apakah Anda berminat mencoba parasailing dan bermain di Waterbom Bali?  Sebelum ke sana, tentunya Anda wajib mengantongi tiket masuk dan paket parasailingnya dong. Supaya bebas repot, Anda dapat memesannya dari kami. Kami jamin Anda akan mendapatkan penawaran terbaik.

Untuk memesan tiket, silakan hubungi Kombi Box Bali Tour di nomor 08123966865 melalui Whatsapp, telepon atau SMS. Yuk, ajak keluarga berlibur ke Waterbom Bali!


4 Extreme Water-Based Activities in Bali


Bali is popularly known as tropical paradise and Land of the Gods. It has everything for any traveler in the world. Its breathtaking natural landscapes, local friendliness and rich culture will definitely delight you. That’s why you shall start making your Bali itinerary immediately.

If you are a lover of action-packed activities, Bali must surprise you. You can do lots of water sport there. Plus, you are also able to try out the other fun water activities. Here are 4 activities to bring your vacation to the next level.

Riding An Underwater Scooter

You have experienced scuba diving, so why don’t you give it a try? By ridingan underwater scooter at Tanjung Benoa, you can explore marine life in the different and unique way. The speed of scooter is around 2 km per hour. Surprisingly, it can access the depth of 20 meters. Do not forget to take cool photos!


It surely adds an instant happiness to your vacation. You will be flying in the air like a bird and enjoy a stunning sea view. To try parasailing, you must be secured to a parachute first. Then, your body is pulled by a speedboat. It is gonna be super exhilarating day.


If you get bored with an ordinary surfing, windsurfing obviously steals your heart. Because it is more adventurous and thrilling than surfing. To keep moving forward, windsurfing uses the wind. The great spots for windsurfing in Bali are Sanur, Nusa Dua, Kuta and Canggu.

Enjoying Waterslides at Waterbom Bali

This famous water park offers world-class rides and attractions for your whole family. Plus, you can try its moderate and extreme waterslides. They are so adrenaline-rushing for sure. Some of recommended waterslides are Twin Racers, Climax, Smashdown 2.0 and Fast n Fierce.

Are you vacationing in Bali? Parasailing and making a splash at Waterbom Bali will give hours of fun to your day. You can get the parasailing packages and Waterbom Bali tickets from us at affordable prices.

To book the tickets and parasaling packages, please kindly contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Let’s dare to experience those extreme activities!


Kamu Aktif? Coba 4 Hal Ini Saat Liburan di Bali!


Musim kemarau sudah tiba nih. Kamu pastinya sangat ceria menyambut liburanmu. Kami menyarankanmu memilih Pulau Dewata sebagai destinasi liburan kali ini. Sebab Bali mempunyai banyak hal untuk semua petualang. Sekali kamu berlibur di sana, dijamin kamu akan kembali lagi di Bali.

Bali juga tempat yang pas bagi pecinta aktivitas menantang. Jika kamu ingin menguji adrenalinmu, kamu harus melakukan serangkaian kegiatan yang tidak biasa. Apa sajakah itu? Berikut adalah jawabannya dari kami. Yuk, disimak!


Bali telah dikenal luas akan pantai-pantainya yang indah. Ketika kamu pergi ke sana, jangan melupakan kesempatan berselancar di Pantai Kuta. Masih pemula? Kamu bisa mengikuti kursus berselancar. Selama di Kuta, asahlah kemampuan berselancarmu sebaik mungkin.


Pulau Menjangan dapat dikatakan sebagai salah satu keajaiban alami di Bali. Jika kamu pelancong yang penuh semangat, tempat wisata ini akan menjadi idamanmu. Terlebih, Pulau Menjangan tidak seramai obyek lainnya. Di samping itu, menyelam di pulau terpencil ini membuat liburanmu terasa menyenangkan.


Siapa yang bilang Bali hanya memiliki pantai? Di sana kamu juga bisa menemukan gunung berapi aktif dan danau yang menawan di Kintamani. Kecamatan ini jaraknya sekitar 50 kilometer dari Denpasar.

Banyak pelancong yang memilih mendaki Gunung Batur. Itulah mengapa kamu harus mencobanya di Kintamani. Setibanya kamu di Gunung Batur, kamu akan disambut pemandangan ciamik.

Bersenang-senang di Waterbom Bali

Tidak kuat menghadapi panasnya Bali? Tenang, kamu bisa kok melarikan diri ke Waterbom Bali. Wahana bermain air ini tidak hanya bertaraf dunia, tetapi juga menantang. Ada beragam atraksi air mulai dari yang menegangkan hingga santai. Ketika mencoba permainan dan atraksi yang menantang, harimu akan dipenuhi keseruan.

Apakah kamu ingin berlibur di Waterbom Bali? Berarti kamu sudah membuat keputusan terbaik. Wahana bermain ini sangat pas untuk berlibur bersama keluarga. Sebelum pergi ke sana, pastikan kamu telah membeli tiketnya ya.

Sekarang kamu bisa memesan tiket Waterbom Bali pada kami. Kami menawarkan tiket masuk Waterbom Bali dengan harga terjangkau. Untuk melakukan pemesanan, silakan hubungi nomor 08123966865 melalui Whatsapp, SMS atau telepon. Ayo kunjungi Waterbom Bali!

3 Aktivitas Kece yang Harus Kamu Lakukan di Bali


Kamu tentunya tidak sabar menantikan musim liburan, bukan? Ketika kamu ingin berlibur jangan lupa memilih Bali sebagai destinasi liburanmu. Pulau tropis ini menawarkan banyak hal untukmu mulai dari budaya hingga keindahan alamnya. Itulah yang membuat para turis terpukau dengan daya pikat Bali.

Jika kamu berlibur di Bali, kamu pastinya perlu menyiapkan agenda liburanmu di sana. Tanpa melakukan hal-hal baru dan seru, liburanmu akan kurang berkesan. Bagi kamu yang belum menemukan ide aktivitas liburan, kami memberikanmu jawaban di bawah ini. Kami jamin kamu akan menikmati liburanmu sepenuh hati.

Memancing di atas Speed Boat

Apakah kamu memiliki jiwa petualang tinggi. Jika demikian, kamu wajib mencoba pengalaman ini. Bayangkan saja betapa menantangnya memancing di atas speed boat di Samudera Hindia. Hal yang lebih keren lagi, kamu bisa mendapatkan ikan-ikan besar seperti mahi-mahi, tuna dan barakuda. Sebuah hari yang beruntung!

Mengikuti Kelas Memasak

Saat kamu berada di Bali, jangan sia-siakan kesempatan untuk mendaftar kelas memasak. Alasannya tentu saja karena Bali mempunyai segudang kuliner lezat seperti Nasi Ayam, Bebek Betutu dan sate khas Bali. Dengan mengikuti kelas ini, kamu pun dapat membuat menu Bali di dapurmu sendiri. Memori indah di Bali seolah hadir kembali.

Bermain di Waterbom Bali

Tidak jarang wisatawan mengeluh mengenai panasnya udara Bali. Daripada tidak melakukan apapun, pergi saja ke Waterbom Bali. Wahana bermain air terkemuka di Asia dan dunia ini, cocok untuk orang dari berbagai usia. Atas dasar tersebut, kamu bisa menikmati liburan di Waterbom Bali bersama teman atau keluargamu.

Waterbom Bali menawarkan papan seluncur air, atraksi dan permainan air. Selain itu, fasilitas di Waterbom Bali terbilang lengkap misalnya spa ikan, tempat pijat ala Bali, pusat refleksologi, bar dan restoran. Singkatnya, tempat ini akan menghadirkan tawa bahagia dan keseruan pada liburanmu.

Apakah kamu ingin bersenang-senang di Waterbom Bali? Hal yang pertama perlu kamu lakukan adalah memesan tiket. Kamu bisa memesan tiket Waterbom Bali melalui kami. Tersedia penawaran terbaik untukmu.

Segera pesan tiket Waterbom Bali ke nomor 08123966865 melalui Whatsapp, telepon atau SMS. Yuk, bermain ke Waterbom Bali!

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