4 Tips to Keep Your Snake Skin Handbag Durable


Woman can’t leave her handbag behind. Because this stuff is classified as the most adorable and significant investment in woman’s life. When she is so in love with the handbag, she undoubtedly collects a lot of them. They comes in various materials, colors and designs.

In reality, the fashion trend constantly evolves over the times. However snake skin handbag remains to be the classic item. As a luxurious handbag, you have to maintain it with loving care. So, these are our ultimate tips for you.

First Rule

It must be understood that snake skin handbag is very prone to strong sunlight and dampness. Extend its longevity by storing your snake skin handbag in a dry and cool place. Then, keep it in the dust bag and store in the closet. We guarantee it will look so desirable.

Second Rule

Great shape does matter. Keep its original form by stuffing your snake skin handbag with acid-free tissue papers. You can also use clean cloth to stuff it. These two strategies help prevent it from lifting up and creasing. Plus, its shape is gonna be awesome.

Third Rule

All exotic leather products dry out way faster than the other traditional leathers. It means you have to pamper snake skin handbag regularly. For instance, apply special leather conditioner on its scales. If you do not have too much time, go to the bag spa is a nice idea.

Fourth Rule

The effects of bad weather are so harmful to snake skin handbag. For example, it frequently gets wet in the rainy season.  Pat the affected areas gently with microfiber cloth. Then, let it air-dry. In addition to that, avoid using hair-dryer because it surely can damage your snake skin handbag.

Looking after a snake skin handbag is not so difficult. Just follow those tips and get marveled with the way it looks. For you who wanna own the authentic snake skin handbag and purse, grab them fast at DEFV TANNERY. There is a broad selection of snake skin handbags with affordable prices.

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4 Simple Guidelines to Look After Snake Skin Products


There is a lot of materials used in fashion industry. Snake skin definitely becomes the greatest one. Undoubtedly, snake skin has an exquisite pattern. Plus, it transforms your style from ordinary to luxury. These two factors can explain why many woman are deeply in love with snake skin products.

If you are the owner of snake skin products, you have to care for them. The right maintenance is truly important for their longevities. It can uphold the value of your adorable pieces too. In this article, we share 4 guidelines to keep your snake skin products in super awesome condition.


This stuff is usually worn on daily basis. First thing first, clean the dust with slightly damp soft cloth. Then, allow it air-dry naturally. After that, hang your belt by its buckle. Avoid rolling it up as well. Store in a dry and cool place to extend its durability.


Overfilling the pockets of your purse is seriously banned. Because it definitely increases the risk of scale stretching. Moreover, you are also recommended to wipe away the dirts routinely. Carry a purse in the handbag is fine, as long as you store it in the separate compartment.

Travel Bag

Preserve the appearance of your travel bag by minimising its contact with the rough floor. Furthermore, you shall use a special cover to protect your snake skin travel bag from scratching. When you are not traveling, please empty your travel bag and store it in a protective cover.


As the most treasured fashion item, you need to take care for it gently. When you do not wear it, stuff it with acid-free tissue paper or clean cloth. Then, cover your snake skin handbag in a cotton pillowcase or dust bag. Last but not least, place it away from strong sunlight.

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4 Extremely Cute Floaties for Your Kids

Summer season is approaching. This season will make your smile brighter and wider. Take on an adventure in this summer. For instance, you can visit new place. Bali surely must be put on your bucket list. Moreover, it has paradise-like setting and relaxing ambience.

If you are vacationing with your kids, do not leave the pool toys behind. One of greatest pool accessories for your cutie pies is pool float. It helps assist them in swimming and boost their safety on the water. But in reality, there is a huge choice of pool floats. Without further ado, check out our recommendation below!

Pegasus Pool Float


Whether you have kids or toddlers, this pool float is gonna lighten their pool times. It comes in the shape of pegasus, a mysthical animal in the Greek mythology. Furthermore, giant rainbow-colored pegasus pool float makes a statement at photo shoot. It is also specially made to hold 3 kids.

Duck Pool Float


Your kids love bathing with lovely rubber duck, right? So, this one obviously steals the heart of your kids as well. Duck pool float dominantly has bright yellow color. Plus, it comes with 2 handles for your kid’s stability in the pool. Bring this one to the pool and feel the hours of excitement.

Crocodile Pool Float


It is such unique pool float because it totally looks like the actual crocodile. Your kids can be real riders to the mega animal-shaped pool float. Its vibrant green color seriously makes their vacation times incredible. In addition, it seats up to 3 young brave riders. What a super fun day!

Flamingo Pool Float


Your daughter never forget their summer times by choosing flamingo pool float. As an elegant bird, this inflatable staple is perfect for any day in the water. We guarantee your kids like spending their vacation times in the pool merrily. It allows your dearest daughters sit comfortably too.

On this vacation, do not hesitate to take your adorable ones for a hilarious dip in the pool with floaties. When you have a vacation in Bali, you are highly suggested to rent the floaties at Ruby Floaties.

As trusted floaties rental provider, Ruby Floaties offers high quality floaties with affordable rental prices. Check out the floaties collection on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To rent the floaties, please contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Have a fun family vacation!


4 Quirky Trendy Floaties to Inflate Your Instagram

A lot of people love spending their vacation times on pool floats. The current craze is fantastically amazing. Because staying on floaties help embrace people’s inner child. Furthermore, floaties are also available for kids and adults to make them relaxed.

Floaties are not only great beach vacation accessories, but also the companions of poolside parties. Once you bring floaties to your swimming pool, you won’t get out of water. Since there are enormous pool floats, you obviously are getting overwhelmed. We are here to help you, folks!

Swan Pool Floats


Do you want to chill like Taylor Swift? Go for swan pool floats. They will provide hours of fun to your pool times. Moreover, gigantic swan floaties can be used as party decoration and relaxation spot. Then, their tail feathers function as ultra comfy headrests.

Flamingo Pool Floats


Everyone is so obsessed with rose gold cold. If you are a rose gold lover, you surely won’t miss the trend of flamingo pool floats. They are stunningly colored in rose gold. Let these mega and gorgeous specimens shimmer in the sun with you. Do not forget to take your vacation picture due to their Instagram-worthiness.

Lily Unicorn Pool Floats


These babies would be your favorite in 2018. They look like luxury inflatable pool items. In addition to that, lily unicorn pool floats come in attractive candy color. They are also featured with starry designs. When you and your best friend ride on lily unicorn floaties, vacation times are gonna be so exhilarating.

Toucan Pool Floats


Dream of a lazy day in the pool? Toucan-themed pool floats are the answers. They will pump up your vacation for sure. These jumbo inflatable stuff are also featured with recessed seat for sunbathing, lounging and playing.  It is also such real pleasure to lie on toucan pool floats. What a life!

Do you wanna get best summer vacation ever? Find out and grab the adorable floaties listed above at Ruby Floaties, a trusted floaties rental provider in Bali. There is a wide collection of floaties with reasonable rental prices.

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The Hottest Pool Floats for Your Pleasant Vacation

Summer is coming very soon. It means you must get ready for an impressive vacation. On this vacation, you can have a fun by lounging around pool float. Moreover, Bali shall be considered on your bucket list. Bali laid-back setting and cute pool float seriously bring your vacation to the next level.

However, some floaties are attractively designed and some aren’t. Be selective when it comes to the pool floats. For instance, never choose rectangular-shaped raft. Unless you wanna have entirely boring vacation. Without further ado, here 4 floaties that are really awesome.

Flamingo Pool Float


Do you wanna be a goddess? Then, bring mega rose gold flamingo pool float to your backyard pool. It has stunning metallic color. Plus, this majestic specimen is perfect for riding and sunbathing. Once you pose on it, all the girls will be drooling over this baby.

Pineapple Pool Float


Adore an island life? This creature is the right one for you. Because it instantly adds tropical vibes to your summer sanctuary. Furthermore, it is hilariously gigantic and can seat up 2 adults. To make your vacation more enjoyable, sip a fresh pineapple juice or pina colada.

Pearl Pool Float


When you were a little girl, your might have mermaid fantasies. Nothing is wrong with that. Make your dreams come true by lying on an inflatable pearl pool float. It totally resembles the gorgeous shining pearl shell. It is not only comfy, but also so fun.

Doughnut Pool Float


It can be categorized as zero-calorie doughnut. Because it comes in frosted doughnut pool float. In addition to that, it looks so good to eat. Even you may take a bite out of this pool toy. There is nothing better than playing with doughnut pool float in the water.

Do you wanna get an awesome vacation? First thing first, grab those pool items at Ruby Floaties, a trusted floaties rental provider based in Bali. Ruby Floaties offers a wide range of floaties with affordable prices. Best of all, Ruby Floaties also provides free delivery and pick-up.

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5 Water-Based Activities for Your Kids in Bali


School holiday will be coming soon. It is the right time to prepare an unforgettable family vacation. When you are vacationing in Bali, make sure you know what to do. Generally, kids love making a splash and dipping themselves into the water.

But in reality, not all water-based activities are friendly and great for your beloved kids. If you are still confused at making an itinerary, we are here to help you. In this article, we have rounded up 5 fun activities that are suitable for kids with the age above 7 years old.

Jet Ski

Your kids definitely have an impressive experience when they drive jet ski at Tanjung Benoa. This activity makes them euphoric as well. Do not worry because they will be accompanied by professional instructors. Plus, your kids use the life jackets to give an extra safety.


If you have a kid, you shall give parasailing a try. You and your spouse sit on the left and right side, while your kid sits in the middle. Then, you and them fly from the ship. After flying from a ship, the participants land on the ship too. We promise that happiness will be the king.


Although your kids are beginners, they can try rafting at Ayung River in Ubud. Because the level is relatively easy for kids. The river rapid is small too. Your kids and the instructor will scream together cheerfully. Once they are rafting in Bali, they are gonna be adrenaline junkies.

Visiting Turtle Island

This activitity is not only affordable, but also filled by hours of fun. Turtle Island at Tanjung Benoa is surely perfect for any family travelers. Do not forget to take pictures while your kids are holding the cute green turtles. Brave enough? They can hold a bird and huge python too.

Playing at Waterbom Bali


Waterbom Bali always amazes the vacationers with its incredible attractions and rides. So, why don’t you go there? Waterbom Bali will create a high quality family time. Its waterslides are also ready to provide your kids with endless excitement. What a well-spent day!

Come to Waterbom Bali and experience a spectacular whole day out with your kids. First of all, you must book the tickets. You can book the tickets of Waterbom Bali from us. We guarantee to give you the best deal ever.

To order the tickets, please contact Kombi Box Bali Tour on number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Have a hilarious vacation!

4 Exciting Activities for Real Adrenaline Junkies


Summer is getting closer. You must be so excited in preparing your summer vacation. On this vacation, you shall travel to Bali. Because this island has almost everything for any travelers. Once you are vacationing in Bali, you definitely keep coming back to this tropical paradise.

Bali is also perfect destination for adrenaline junkies. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you must be very addicted to the thrills in Bali. No idea? We are delighted to give you the answers below. Check these out!


Bali is widely known for its idyllic beaches. When you go to Bali, do not miss the chance of surfing in Kuta Beach. Still beginner? Just take a surf lesson. The sandy bottom beach break of Kuta becomes the right place for improving your surf skills.


Menjangan Island can be said as one of Bali’s greatest natural wonders. If you are truly active vacationer, it is gonna be an absolute haven. Most importantly, it is not as crowded as the other areas. Furthermore, snorkeling at this remote island makes your vacation blissful.


Who says Bali just has beaches? You certainly can find an active volcano and stunning lake, that are located in Kintamani. This sub district is about 50 kilometers from Denpasar. Lots of traveler hike up Mount Batur. So, do the same when you are in Kintamani. Then, enjoy seeing the amazing views.

Having Wet Day Out at Waterbom Bali


Can’t take the Bali’s heat? Escape to Waterbom Bali is the best solution. This water park is not only world-class, but also thrilling. There is a wide range of water rides from the terrifying to relaxing. After exploring Bali in an unbearably hot weather, let yourself cool down at Waterbom Bali.

Do you wanna spend vacation at Waterbom Bali? You just made the best choice ever. Because this water wonderland is a family-friendly spot. Before making a splash at Waterbom Bali, you have to buy the tickets first.

Now, you can get the tickets of Waterbom Bali from us. We surely give you the affordable prices. To book the tickets, please contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Let’s visit Waterbom Bali!


4 Aktivitas Menarik Saat Berlibur di Pulau Dewata


Terkadang kamu dibuat stres dengan serentetan aktivitas harianmu. Kalau begitu solusi yang tepat adalah nikmati hidupmu. Berlibur mampu membuang rasa penatmu. Selain itu, berlibur juga baik untuk kesehatan dan kebahagiaanmu. Jika sudah mantap berlibur, langkah selanjutnya ialah menentukan destinasi liburanmu.

Kami sangat merekomendasikan pulai Bali. Sebab destinasi ini terkenal akan budayanya yang kental, keindahan alam dan kelezatan kulinernya. Ketika kamu di Bali, kamu perlu mencoba salah satu aktivitas seru di bawah ini setidaknya sekali seumur hidupmu. Apa sajakah itu? Yuk, disimak!

Ikut Tur Bersepeda

Sebagai seorang petualang, kamu tentunya ingin mendapatkan pengalaman baru. Bali menjadi destinasi yang pas untuk bersepeda. Mengikuti tur bersepeda membuatmu bisa menjelajah panorama alam pedesaan Bali yang cantik.

Tidak jarang, peserta tur diajak berinteraksi dengan petani dan seniman setempat. Setelah mencapai lokasi akhir, kamu akan dijamu sarapan tradisional Bali yang menggoyang lidah. Dijamin liburanmu tak terlupakan, deh!


Bagi kamu yang jatuh hati pada dunia menyelam, lakukanlah aktivitas ini di Bali. Pulau Bali memiliki salah satu lokasi menyelam terbaik di dunia, yakni Nusa Lembongan. Tidak seperti tempat lainnya, Nusa Lembongan dipenuhi ubur-ubur berwarna merah muda yang sering menjadi pusat perhatian penyelam.

Mendaki Gunung

Melihat matahari terbit dari puncak Gunung Batur tentu sangat keren. Meskipun terasa melelahkan, perjuanganmu akan terbayarkan. Ekspedisi menuju Gunung Batur biasanya dimulai pukul 02.00 WITA. Di samping itu, wisatawan umumnya mengambil jalur pendakian di Nusa Dua, Lovina dan Ubud.

Bersenang-senang di Waterbom Bali


Wahana bermain air ini dapat diibaratkan seperti oase di tengah panasnya Kuta. Sekarang Waterbom Bali masuk ke dalam tempat favorit wisatawan domestik maupun mancanegara. Di sana kamu bisa merasakan pengalaman bermain air dengan riang gembira.

Terdapat atraksi air yang sifatnya santai dan ekstrim di Waterbom Bali. Itu artinya wahana ini cocok untuk orang dari segala usia. Tidak ada sesuatu yang lebih fantastis, dibandingkan bermain di Waterbom Bali bersama orang-orang terkasih.

Apakah kamu ingin berlibur di Bali? Jangan ragu “membasahi dirimu” di Waterbom Bali ya. Sebelum ke Waterbom Bali, pastikan kamu sudah mendapatkan tiket masuk. Supaya lebih mudah, pesan saja tiket Waterbom Bali pada kami.

Kami jamin akan memberikanmu penawaran terbaik. Untuk memesan tiket masuk Waterbom Bali, silahkan hubungi nomor 08123966865 melalui Whatsapp, SMS atau telepon. Semoga liburanmu mengasyikkan!


Kamu Petualang Sejati? Coba 4 Aktivitas Ini di Bali


Ketika agenda yang begitu padat membuatmu bosan dan lelah, pergi berlibur adalah sebuah ide bagus. Aktivitas ini akan menjadikanmu lebih rileks dan berenergi. Sebagai bonusnya lagi, pikiran stresmu pun sirna dengan cepat. Sebelum berwisata, tentukan destinasi beserta daftar rencana liburanmu.

Bali patut kamu pilih sebagai destinasi liburanmu. Sebab pulau tropis ini menawarkan banyak hal dari alam hingga budaya. Bali tidak hanya “menghiptonismu” dengan pesona bentang alamnya, tetapi kamu juga dapat membuktikan jiwa petualangmu di sana. Inilah aktivitas seru sekaligus menantang adrenalin di Bali.


Mengeksplor alam Bali seolah tidak akan pernah ada habisnya. Ketika berlibur di Bali cobalah canyoning di Gitgit. Tempat ini termasuk destinasi olahraga kano yang terkenal. Kamu akan melewati berbagai jalur seperti batuan berbukit, tanah berlumpur, lereng dan sungai.

Water Tubing

Olahraga ekstrim ini sungguh layak dicoba. Kamu bisa meluncur dengan bebas di Sungai Payangan memakai ban. Bayangkan betapa serunya ketika kamu dan instruktor berteriak bersama mengarungi aliran sungai yang deras. Tidak usah ragu mencoba tubing karena rasa lelahmu terbayar saat melihat panorama yang menawan.


Hatimu seperti dipompa ketika kamu berselancar di Uluwatu. Spot ini seolah-olah menjadi nirwana atau surga bagi peselancar kelas dunia. Berselancar tidak hanya menegangkan, tetapi juga menambah keceriaan pada harimu. Sekali kamu berselancar di Uluwatu, kamu akan datang kembali ke Bali.

Bermain di Waterbom Bali


Wahana ini mempunyai papan seluncur air terpanjang, tertinggi dan terbesar di dunia. Selain itu, kamu juga dapat mencoba aneka atraksi dan permainan air yang memompa adrenalinmu. Menghabiskan liburan di Waterbom Bali membuat harimu dipenuhi keseruan. Pendek kata, Waterbom Bali sangat pas untuk kamu yang sedang berlibur bersama keluarga.

Apakah kamu berencana ke Bali pada liburan kali ini?  Jangan lupa merasakan pengalaman bermain di Waterbom Bali. Supaya persiapan liburanmu bebas repot, kamu bisa memesan tiket Waterbom Bali melalui kami. Pastinya kami memberimu penawaran paling oke.

Untuk memesan tiket, silahkan hubungi Kombi Box Bali Tour di nomor 08123966865 melalui Whatsapp, telepon atau SMS. Semoga liburanmu menyenangkan!


4 Tips Setelah Menggunakan Tas Kulit Ular


Kamu tentunya setuju jika wanita tidak akan pernah bisa meninggalkan tasnya. Barang ini telah menjadi bagian vital dalam kehidupan wanita entah untuk mobilitas kerja maupun nongkrong bersama teman. Saat ini tas kulit ular sepertinya mencuri perhatian banyak wanita.

Tas kulit ular memiliki desain fantastis dan pola khas yang eksotis. Tidak ada sesuatu yang lebih manis dibandingkan tas kulit ular. Tas ini umumnya terbuat dari kulit ular piton atau anakonda. Bagi kamu yang mempunyai tas kulit ular, kamu harus merawatnya dengan baik. Berikut panduan selengkapnya dari kami.

Kosongkan Terlebih Dahulu

Kamu pastinya ingin bentuk tas kulit ularmu selalu oke, kan? Kalau begitu sebelum membersihkannya, kamu wajib mengosongkan isi tasmu dulu ya. Barang seperti make up dapat menyebabkan noda pada tas kulit ular. Mengosongkan juga membantumu lebih mudah membersihkan seluruh sudut tasmu nantinya.

Membersihkan Sangatlah Penting

Tas kulit ularmu mungkin terkena banyak debu atau kotoran. Hal tersebut mungkin diakibatkan oleh paparan polusi atau minyak alami tanganmu. Solusi ampuhnya adalah bersihkan tasmu memakai kain lembut yang diperciki air. Pastikan kamu mengusapkannya searah dengan sisik tas kulit ular.

Aplikasikan Kondisioner Secara Rutin

Produk berbahan kulit ular memang tidak seperti kulit binatang lainnya. Itulah mengapa kamu perlu memperlakukannya dengan penuh cinta. Sisik tas kulitmu tidak akan mengering apabila kamu rajin mengaplikasikan kondisioner khusus. Teteskan kondisioner pada kain berserat halus, lalu usapkan sesuai arah sisiknya.

Simpanlah di Lingkungan yang Pas

Tas kulit ularmu harus disimpan di kondisi lingkungan yang tepat. Ruang yang terlalu panas dapat menyebabkan sisiknya mengelupas. Sedangkan, udara yang lembab membuat warna tas kulit ularmu menggelap lebih cepat.  Simpan tasmu di lingkungan yang kering dan sejuk. Lalu, isi tas kulitmu dengan kertas tisu bebas asam dan letakkan di lemari.

Itulah cara merawat tas kulit ular. Apakah kamu ingin memiliki tas nan cantik tersebut? Dapatkan dompet dan tas kulit ular asli terbaik di DEFV TANNERY. Tersedia banyak pilihan tas maupun dompet kulit ular yang kece untukmu.

Ketika kamu berada di Bali, jangan lupa berbelanja tas dan dompet kulit ular di DEFV TANNERY. Tas dan dompet kulit ular sangat cocok jadi oleh-oleh mewah dan indah untuk orang tercinta. Cek koleksi selengkapnya di Instagram @defvtannery. Jika berminat, silahkan hubungi nomor 08123966865 melalui SMS, telepon atau Whatsapp. Yuk, miliki tas impianmu!


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