5 Things to Look Out Before Buying Snake Leather Bag

Snake leather bag now has become new trend in the fashion industry. Every lady in this world can not resist herself not to buy snake leather bag. Snake leather bag is not just a bag. It is more than bag because it is undeniably beautiful and artistic stuff.

111When you look closer to snake leather bag, you will know that it is full of richness and great pattern. The details of authentic snake leather bag will mesmerize you and everyone. Snake leather bag seems like a good sample of modern art. Wearing snake leather bag will turn your entire looks magically . Snake leather handbag would always be hunted for its delicate, tempting and exotic pattern. Are you planning to buy snake leather bag? Here are 5 considerations before shopping snake leather bag for you!


Everything has its own size, so does the snake leather bag. You must decide whether you shop for a handbag, bag or clutch. The clutch is smaller in size than the handbag. Clutch is usually used on formal occasions like a meeting. It’s called small ladies handbag too. Handbag on the other side can be worn on casual event like party, hangout and dinner. Handbag definitely has bigger size than clutch. You have to choose the right size for your need.


Snake leather handbags consist of 2 different skin patterns. These patterns make your snake leather bags have distinctive feature. You can opt naturally-patterned or bleached-pattern snake leather bag. If you shop a naturally-patterned snake leather bag, you will get genuine pattern from snake skin. It certainly retains original snake skin texture. But you can also shop bleached pattern snake leather bag. The authentic pattern of snake skin has been removed. Your bleached-pattern snake skin leather will be much more cleaner. The minus is your snake leather bag tends to have uniformity to other snake leather bags.


Color really affects your snake leather bag feature. Different colors will bring different vibes in your days. You must have certain color that you love. If you are a simple lady, you can choose natural color snake leather bag. The multi color snake leather bag suits for a lady who like thinking creatively. Different colors also represent your unique personality. Calm lady generally shop natural color snake leather bag and cheerful lady choose multi color snake skin bag for sure.


Your budget and other women budget will never be same. Budget always relate to the price of snake leather bag. If you have excessive budget, you can shop expensive snake leather bag. On the contrary, affordable snake leather bag is preferably loved by women with specific budget.


Not all snake leather bag are real genuine products. There are authentic and fake material in snake leather bag industry. You must be smart buyer. Don’t forget to compare the price and quality of those snake leather bags. DEFV TANNERY or @defvtannery is snake leather artisan and trusted brand. Our products have been owned by many ladies of fashion.

Now, you got 5 important points before buying snake leather bag. Let’s get stylish with your classy snake leather bag!

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