An Amazing Way to Spend Your Holiday

maxresdefaultHoliday is a moment when business or work activities suspended. It is known as a celebration for people to stay away from their regular agendas. So, they can use their times to gather with families, friend and someone special. Most of countries in this world set holiday on the weekend, religious day and national holiday.

Beside gathering with families or colleagues, people like exploring new places on holiday.  Sometimes, it’s quite confusing in deciding where to go during holidays. If you get confused and don’t have any plan to spend your holiday, you shall manage to go to Waterbom Bali. This place would ever be your perfect holiday option.

Now, you can start to make an itinerary for your holiday at Waterbom Bali. The process of creating an itinerary is very easy because it based on your own necessary. You can arrange it as simple as you want. Itinerary helps you to be more ready and well prepared. So, you won’t miss anything on holiday. Here are some tips for your unforgettable holiday at Waterbom Bali.

Get the Ticket to Bali

If you live outside Bali, you have to make sure that you get ticket in your hands. Earlier you book the ticket, the price usually be much more cheaper. Don’t forget to mark your calendar, to find some holidays. After knowing the right time for vacation, you must book the ticket soon. The other option is you can go to Bali by riding your own motorcycle or car.

Find Your Accomodation

Accomodation relates to the place where you stay on your holiday. It includes hotel, villa, homestay or another settlement. You can choose accomodation which make your holiday become fantastic and convenient. When you are seeking the accomodation, you shall look for the best price. Don’t forget to consider your budget. Choose the accomodation which is suitable for you.  If you are going to go to Bali with your spouse or in groups, you can book and stay at Villa Simpatico. This luxury villa is very close to many famous beaches and The Waterbom Bali.

Cool off at The Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali is not only biggest water park in Asia, but also second largest water park in the world. Tripadvisor has rated Waterbom Bali as a leading water park in Indonesia and Asia too. Waterbom Bali really reflect the natural beauty of Bali Island. Because Waterbom Bali was built under international environmental safety standards. Therefore, Waterbom Bali always maintain the genuine area landscapes. It locates at Jalan Kartika, Kuta. So, the place is very accessible for tourists. Waterbom Bali’s area is around 3,8 hectares.

At Waterbom Bali, you can try steepest slide, bring you kids to play at Kids Area or soaking your self to refresh your body and mind. After soaking and spending at Waterbom Bali, you must be hungry. Don’t worry! Waterbom Bali provide you with various and delicious cuisines. There are still many attractions that you can try and see at Waterbom Bali. Spending your time at Waterbom Bali give you memorable moment. You also support Waterbom Bali’s responsibility in protecting Bali’s water resources. Waterbom Bali opens daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Don’t be so worried about the ticket price. We offer you super-special ticket which is cheaper than the go-show ticket. Please contact us via SMS, WhatsApp or call on 08123966865. We will give you the best price you will ever get.

So, you already got an amazing way to spend your holiday. Waterbom Bali is definitely a right choice for you. See you at Waterbom Bali!

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