The Spectacular Attractions at Waterbom Bali


What will you do on holiday? Vacation is the best option for every holiday lovers. Sometimes, you and the other people get bored when just spending your holiday at house, shopping mall, garden etc. Now, you must not be confused anymore. When holiday is coming, it’s your time for relaxing! You can manage and ask your whole family to playing and soaking at Waterbom Bali. It will give you and your family a lot of excitements. Here are some attractions that will cheer your days up.


This Flowrider’s height is around 5 foots. If you love surfing and bodyboarding, you must like trying Flowrider. Flowrider at Waterbom Bali also provides skateboarding for you. You can either surf of a stand board or lay-down board.  The best part of Waterbom Bali’s Flowrider is you are able to try Flow Rider Double. So, you and the other flow rider will surf together at the same time. How fun it would be!

Water Blaster

This arena will recall your childhood. It’s obviously going to bring happiness to your kids, spouses and friends. If you want to play water blaster, you have to draw the catapults and fire it to your challenger. If you fire the water ballons to your targets accurately, they will get wet. Water blaster at Waterbom Bali surely can refresh your mind from bustling and busy activities outside. You and your friends are not only getting wet, your days will be much more happier than before. Don’t forget to try Water Blaster at Waterbom Bali for experiencing happiness water splashes.

Euro Bungy

Are you the one who love thrilling your adrenaline? If you say yes, Waterbom Bali is the perfect holiday destination. At Waterbom Bali, you can try Euro Bungy. Don’t hesitate to play and try Euro Bungy, because Euro Bungy is equipped with guaranteed international safety standards. All the equipments are internationally standardised too. Every staff at Euro Bungy arena has been trained very well. So, you’re able to try Euro Bungy without doubt feeling. How will you play at Euro Bungy? You will wear Euro Bungy safety equipments first. Then you get catapulted by staff at 9 meters height in the sky! Seems not so challenging? Dont worry! You will flipped and pumped again into the sky. It utterly becomes your unforgettable moment in life. You can daringly try Euro Bungy and be watched over by your families and friends.

It is very easy to go to Waterbom Bali because it is situated at Jalan Kartika of Kuta stretch. Waterbom Bali always open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. except on the Silence Day. Going to Waterbom Bali will give you different experiences. Waterbom Bali is the number one waterpark in Asia and number two in the world. You can try some top attractions mentioned above too. Come to Waterbom Bali and fulfill your excitements with great attractions. Don’t be so worried about the ticket price. We offer you super-special ticket which is cheaper than the go-show ticket. Please contact us via SMS, WhatsApp or call on 08123966865. We will give you the best price you will ever get.

Dont’t have a lot of time? You still have wonderful vacation by relaxing on the floaties at swimming pool. Contact Ruby Floaties to get fancy floaties like you want. It will so Instagrammable!

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