Must-Do Interesting Activities at Swimming Pool


These days the weather outside becomes hot and hotter. People like drinking more waters or juices because it’s really scorching day. It also makes you want to relax and soak your body with fresh water soon. You should spend your time to go to swimming pool on stiflingly hot day. There are many swimming pools in Bali. You can find the swimming pool at your villa, hotel or other settlement. After looking for the right swimming pool, you must be thinking what activities you can do at your swimming pool. Don’t worry folks! In this article, you will be able to know some fun swimming pool activities. Check them out!


You can be easily tired and exhausted on hot weather. Then, going to swimming pool should be a top choice for you. Swimming activity is very best done at swimming pool. If you like quite swimming pool, you may go to private swimming pool. But if you love more socialized swimming pool, public swimming pool would be your favorite place. Swimming is fun and enjoyable leisure activity to do when you are at the swimming pool. It is such a great way for gathering with families and friends too. Swimming can unwind your stifled mind and maintain your body’s health.

Watermelon Polo

Stay at swimming pool without doing nothing is very boring. Do you like going to swimming pool with your friends and family? This swimming pool game definitely matches with you. Don’t forget to bring small or medium sized watermelon. Then you and your friend start to smear Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on all over watermelon’s skin. Watermelon polo is not fully equipped without the presence of floating hula hoop. Arrange 4 hula hoops on the each end of swimming pool. Make two teams. After preparing water polo equipments and teams, the game will be starting. All the teams can play water polo with smeared watermelon. Your team goal is entering the greased watermelon into other team’s floating hula hoop. It will become the most hilarious water game that you ever played.

Swimming Pool Party

It’s not a joke! You and your friend can set a party at swimming pool too. Bring your own sound amplifier or boom box. To fulfill your thirst and hungry, you and your friend have to provide some foods and drinks. Best drink for swimming pool party is cold juices. If you love drinking another beverages, you may bring them. You can snacking and have a nice chit chat with your lovely friends too, a nice way to spending priceless times with your someone special. It surely will bring a lot of fun!

Floating at Swimming Pool

If you are belonged quiet and calm person, you may like spending your time on the floaties. You can also do whatever you want to do on floaties. Most importantly, when you enjoy your summer time on floaties, it helps to relax your mind. You can choose floaties model and color depend on your favorite.

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