How to Know Authentic and Fake Snake Leather Bag


Snake leather bags surprisingly become on of the most luxurious fashion items for women. It can be simply said that most of women in the world want to have this classy stuff. Snake leather bag’s trend will always be increasing time by time. It is because snake leather bag has unusual model and exotic pattern.

There are so many snake leather skin sellers nowadays. Snake leather bag is known as profitable thing to sell by those sellers. But you must be very cautious. Some unscrupulous and dishonest snake skin bag sellers usually may deceive you. They say to you that their product is the real one. The fact is they sell fake and imitation of snake leather bag. So, you need an ability to know which one is the genuine product. This article will help you in recognizing between authentic and fake snake leather bag. Here are some guidelines to help you know and become smart buyer.

Consider Bag Size and Snake Skin Material

You can identify your snake skin bag is real or not by looking at your snake skin bag size. It’s generally understood that to make small-sized snake skin bag like clutch, the artisan may need one snake skin. On the other side, when the artisan want to make medium or big-sized snake skin handbag, they certainly use more than one snake skin. If you want to buy a medium-sized snake skin bag, you must think that your snake skin bag made by some medium pieces snake skin. Don’t buy medium-sized snake skin handbag which is only made by one piece snake skin. You should think twice because it can be the fake one. Medium-sized snake skin bags surely need one large piece or some medium pieces snake skin.

Look Out Its Durability

Snake skin has been used for centuries by fashion industry because it has long durability. Snake skin material is one of the most durable material in the world. Nevertheless, it is also more delicate in texture compared to other leather types. That’s why some of snake skin artisans would limit snake skin stuff production. Snake skin mostly will be used to make small and limited medium-sized things. Snake skin is best material to produce clucth, handbag and wallet.

Have you ever bought snake skin bag? If yes, how was its durability? Your real snake skin bag will have good durability. Its color also can not easily fade away. But the fake one must only have short durability.

Watch Out Snake Skin Pattern

Everybody loves the genuine product. So, you won’t be dissapointed by the snake skin bag you want to buy. It’s quite easy to know whether your snake skin bag is the real or fake one. You can take a look at its pattern. Fake snake leather bag tend to have recurring patterns.  It’s understandable because it’s not made using genuine snake skin and artificially produced. Real snake skin bags have imperfect patterns. It’s just because all snake usually have some naturally imperfect skin. So, if you find out natural imperfection on your snake skin bag, you are such lucky lady.

Do you wanna buy authentic snake skin bag? Check genuine snake leather bag collections at DEFV Tannery. You can also follow @defvtannery. Find out your lovely and real snake skin bag there. Let’s shopping happily!

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