Fun Rides You Should Try at Waterbom Bali Part I


Have you ever bothered because of hot weather outside? Weather becomes very hot especially in the middle of the day. The sunshine and hot weather are also overpowering these days. You absolutely won’t get trapped in your house. Don’t only stay inside! Find activities that can cool you off. You have to do some exciting activities when hot weather bothers you.

One of interesting places you should go on scorching day is Waterbom Bali. This place is great for you, friends, teenagers, family and small kids for sure. Here are some rides you should try at Waterbom Bali.

Twin Racers

According to its name, you can guess that this ride can be played by two persons at the same time. Indeed, you shall try this fun yet competitive slides with your friend or family. First, you have to put your body on slide’s mat, then push your body off. Twin rides truly bring a lot of happiness for all.

Smash Down 2.0

This ride is relatively similar to the Climax slide. It looks like long capsules and has trap door. Smash Down 2.0 is quite different with the previous Smash Down. Smash Down 2.0’s height is around 25,9 meters. This ride will be thrilling your adrenalin and pumping your heart.

Double Twist

This ride is not usual ride you ever tried. It has double and twisted loops. Double Twist at Waterbom Bali is one of the most creative water park slides in Indonesia, Asia and world. If you try this ride, you will get some excitements. Double Twist really thrills your adrenaline and gives you speedy drop. You won’t find this challenging ride in another water park.

Fast N Fierce

Are you adrenaline pounding seeker? You must come back for this water ride. There is nothing more fun than trying this ride. Fast n fierce is kind of ride which provide 2 open slides. So, there are slides which line up side by side. Where’s the fun part of this ride? It surely gives you short, yet fast rush.


If you are not satisfied with usual rides, you definitely should try this ride at Waterbom Bali. It’s still kind of water slides. Water slide itself is a slide specially designed for hot weather, indoor or outdoor water park. The difference between other water slides and constrictor lies on its size and method of riding. Amazingly, constrictor at Waterbom Bali becomes the longest waterslide ever in the world. It will suprise you by giving its thrilling and drenching vibes. You can challenge either your self or your friend.

Green Vipers

Green vipers is designed and developed by using Silk Tec-technology. It is one of the most innovative and creative rides at Waterbom Bali. This ride is made from fiber glass. Green vipers has start point on 19,62 meters. Its body slide is around 6 meters higher than the old one. Green vipers is one of the most thrilling ride you can find at Waterbom Bali.

Do you wanna try those fun rides? Contact or Whatsapp us on 08123966865. You will get the best discount tickets you ever get. Let’s challenge your self at Waterbom Bali soon!

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