Fun Rides You Should Try at Waterbom Bali Part II


Summer is coming too soon! The overpowering hot weather sometimes makes people just stay at their home. It’s really not a good idea to do. There are plenty of fun activities you can do on summer. You have to remember that hot weather couldn’t stop you from spending time on the outside.

You can ask your family and friend to try exciting rides at Waterbom Bali. This water park will provide you different water park experiences. Waterbom Bali is a safe, fun and great water park for you and all guests. Make sure you will try these rides when you go to Waterbom Bali.


waterbom-baliBased on its name, you may know that it is biggest waterslide you ever tried. Python has a diameter around 6 meters. This waterslide can be played by 3 to 4 persons. It has unique size because of its circular tube. You will be surprised because this biggest waterslide give you thrilling twists.


pipeline3_1Whether you are young or old adrenaline-pumping seeker, you must want to try this ride. Pipeline is a weaving 150 meters tube and 20 meters in height. Pipeline definitely would give you the most unforgettable and adventurous heart pounding experience. It only takes 10-13 seconds to finish pipeline race. Every pipeline riders can see beautiful and panoramic natural view in the pipeline. You may enjoy breathtaking garden in your pipeline.


fun3Waterbom Bali becomes a fun and suitable amusement park for your small kids. Funtastic arena is specially designed to bring great happiness for all little ones. There are water cannon, body slides, funky rides, jets and many more at Funtastic. Don’t worry to ask your kids at Waterbom Bali. Funtastic is always supervised by experienced staffs. So, it’s certainly a safe ride for your lovely kids.

Lazy River

lazy3_0It’s obviously a best ride for you who love rafting. There is a river you could drift along safely. Not only giving you a lot of excitements, Lazy River will show you the beautiful garden and waterfall view. Most importantly, it won’t be pumping your heart. Then, you can enjoy rafting without any worries.

Super Bowl

superbowl_1This ride surely will drench your heart rate. You and your friend are on the big tube raft. The most thrilling momentum is when you and your friend get pulled together through slides, cauldrons and tunnels. You will also be pulled down into fresh pool.



boomerang_1_0This ride can be said as the fastest ride at Waterbom Bali according to its speed. Boomerang has speed around 70 kilometers per hour. Your body will be flushed down 20 meters then you will be on straight slide and continue to drop yourself again. This half pipe slide totally brings fun screams for everybody.


climax2Climax would always be a exciting ride for all thrill seekers. You need to enter a small pipe 16 meters above the ground. It rushes and pumps your adrenaline on vertical and looping slide. This ride will bring you the most exhilarating experience in your lifetime.

You can get the best ticket price by contacting via Whatsapp or SMS us on 08123966865. Come and experience the most hilarious experiences at Waterbom Bali!

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