Easy Tricks to Cleanse Snake Skin Handbag



Handbag is not just a fashion stuff. It becomes a new way for women in expressing their unique styles. Handbag also represents woman’s fashion taste, interest, career and personality. One of beautiful handbag for women is snake leather handbag.

Snake skin handbag is extremely luxurious fashion item in this modern era. Wearing snake leather handbag will give you elegant and classy look. It can completely transform your usual look into a extravagant look.

Every women who buy snake skin handbag absolutely want to preserve natural color of their handbag. They also make an effort to restore snake leather handbag’s cleanliness and durability. Keep your precious stuff like the first time you bought it. This article will highlight some tricks to cleanse your luxe. By following these tricks, you would be amazed with its new beautiful appearance.

Avoid Contact with Sunlight and Water

It’s definitely first rule you have to obey. You can not get long-lasting snake leather handbag if you ignore this rule. Overexposure from harsh direct sunlight will cause some cracks on snake skin scales. Sun radiation also provokes color transformation. Your natural-colored snake skin handbag will change into dull and yellowish handbag. It is totally bad thing, isn’t it? You have to understand that prolonged dryness will turn your glamour snake skin handbag into worn-out handbag. While, dampness can give swelling of its original skin material. So, make sure you avoid exposure to either sunlight or water.

Cleanse It Using Soft Cloth

Another golden rule is cleansing your snake leather handbag using soft cloth. Sometimes, your snake skin handbag will get dirty. It is very important to get rid of its dusts and dirt using slightly damp cloth. Don’t wash your snake skin handbag with wet towels and cleaning products. It can cause serious damages to your snake skin handbag. Cleanse your snake leather handbag gently on outer part. After cleansing it using soft and damp cloth, put it in the dry place. Don’t dry your snake skin handbag with the help of sunlight. Don’t use household appliance like a hairdryer too. Letting snake skin handbag to be dry naturally, will retain its genuine color.

Brush Snake Skin Handbag Carefully

Your snake leather handbag must be handled with loving care. Beside cleansing it using slightly damp cotton cloth, you need to brush it. Brushing is paramount to remove dirts under scales. You have to be selective in choosing brush for your precious one. You can use dry and soft brush. It will cleansing your scales of snake skin handbag without lifting its scales. The dirts usually come from natural oil on your hand and dusts. Brush your snake leather handbag in the direction of its scales. Don’t brush it against its original scales.

Apply Leather Protecting Cream

You can also apply special leather protecting cream onto surface your snake skin handbag. You only need to apply it once a year. This will keep long lasting durability of your snake skin handbag. It also makes your snake leather handbag well-protected.

Those are some tricks to cleanse your snake skin handbag. Are you looking for genuine snake skin handbag? Go follow DEFV TANNERY or @defvtannery. You will find a collection of authentic, yet pretty affordable snake leather handbag. DEFV TANNERY is waiting for your order. Check them out!

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