Exciting Vacation Ideas for Kids


Vacation is coming! Have you prepared your vacation? We all do agree that vacation can bring a lot of happiness. Then, you must make a plan where will you go on this vacation. There are many vacation destinations you can visit. The problem is deciding which one the best destination for you and small kids.

You could start to make great list family destinations right now. Remember that going to vacation is not always about bringing your kids in the car and eating in somewhere. You still have a fun family vacation with affordable budget. This article will help to guide you finding exciting destination on the vacation. Check them out and choose the perfect one!

Going to Zoo

Spending your vacation on the outdoor will always be better than spending in the mall. One of outdoor vacation activities you can try is going to zoo. You could see another creatures like animals and plants. Going to zoo really can give you a nice relaxation from rushing regular activities.


Other benefit of going to zoo is improving your kid’s understanding towards animal behaviour. Zoo becomes a good and living laboratory. Your kids will learn many things from visiting a zoo. They can see how a monkey scratches and lion roars. It is seriously so thrilling you and your kids.

Playing at Theme Park

Theme park is a big playground for your lovely kids. It is known as great vacation destinations. You can try many shows and attractions. Theme park will be bringing great offers for everybody. Theme park also provides you with a variety of foods. If you are thrilling seekers, you shall try roller coasters at theme park.


Playing at theme park can entertain your kids. Furthermore, when you are playing at theme park, you are getting fun vacations memories. There are some health benefits of playing at theme park. It can make your kid’s mood better than before because your kid feels happier. It also make you more spirited.

Splashing at Waterbom

Vacation on the summer shouldn’t prevent you from spending times on the outside. When summer season is coming, you can go to the waterbom. It will give you a lot of excitements you never find in another places. You can soaking, splashing and playing at waterbom. Sure, you could try them at once time.


Waterbom can refresh your exhausting body and restless mind. It definitely creates true happiness for your whole family. One of great waterbom in Indonesia is Waterbom Bali. It has been chosen by TripAdvisor as best waterbom in Asia and second-best in the world. You can try some attractions such as flowrider, euro bungy and water blaster. There are all sorts of thrilling rides for you too. You will be trying twin racers, smash down 2.0, fast n fierce, double twist, constrictor, green vipers, phython, pipeline, funtastic, lazy river, super bowl, climax and boomerang.

Do you wanna spend your vacation at Waterbom Bali? You can get best and the most affordable Waterbom Bali ticket price by contacting on number 08123966865. Let’s experience fun water vacation!

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