How to Care Your Floaties


Summer months are coming! Have you planned your coolest summer idea ever? Summer is not always about scorching hot day. Remember that summer brings nice blue skies in the middle of day and warm weather. You must avoid spending your precious times just at house in summer. You can indulge yourself in various summer activities for sure. So many activities that you could discover in this beautiful months. You shall go oustide like biking, swimming, camping, playing at waterbom, archery and stay on the floaties.

Staying on the floaties can help to relax body and unwind your restless mind. It becomes a new popular summer activities nowadays. Summer is best enjoyed by bringing your favorite floaties. If you own floaties, you have to know how to care your pool toys. This article will give you ultimate guide to take care your important swimming pool stuff. Here they are!

Choose Right Air Pump for Floaties

If you wanna get long-lasting floaties, you need to choose right air pump. Electronic air pump is the best air pump for every pool float. Electronic air pump usually includes an air pressure controller. The function of air pressure controller is paramount. It helps you in controlling air pressure output. When floaties air pressure output get controlled, your floaties will not blown out. So, it’s better you shop an electronic air pump for your beloved floaties.

Dry Your Floaties Using Clean Cloth

This is another golden rule you have to obey. After putting your floaties on the water at swimming pool, your floaties will get wet. So, you need to dry your floaties before folding and storing it. Never dry out your floaties using damp and coarse cloth. Using only clean and soft cloth to make your floaties dry. Clean it on all over floaties area. You must make sure that there is no wet area on your floaties anymore. Dry floaties will have much longer durability than the wet one.


Fold into One or Two Folds

Before storing your floaties, you need to fold it. Don’t forget this important step! Keep in your mind that you must fold it only into one or two folds. Never fold your floaties into more than two folds. It can damage your floaties original size, shape and model. You will not let it happens, right? After drying out your floaties, you shall fold it into just one or two folds. Three folds or more will cause serious negative effect to your floaties.

Store Floaties in Dry and Cool Place

Storing your floaties at the right place is really significant to get long lasting floaties. If you store your floaties at a place with strong direct sunlight, you can’t keep the original color of your floaties. On the contrary, storing your floaties in a moist temperature place can cause bad smells and fungus. So, store your floaties in dry and cool place is the best way.

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