5 Most Fabulous Floaties for You


You really do love summer time, don’t you? Summer is absolutely a great season to spend days on the outside. Don’t get trapped at your home when summer is coming. In this summer, people like posting their the most photogenic picture on Instagram. Posing on floaties popularly becomes new habit for celebrities, bloggers, vloggers and all of you. There are countless fantactic photos there. Their cute photos are so enviable too.

People also will be excited to go tanning their beautiful skin in this summer. They are tanning, whilst they stay on floaties. Choosing good floaties is pretty easy, you only need to know which one you love the most. Summer definitely gives you a pleasure. As long as you bring your amazing floaties, you will have a wild summer vacation. Here are the most fabulous floaties to fulfilling your nice summer time. Check these out!


If you are a baking lover, you may fall in love with this cute pool float.  There are some salt granules on pretzel floaties. Pretzel-themed floaties exactly have similar shape with the real pretzel. You can bring your friends, family and squads to join you on this pretzel floaties. Pretzel-inspired flaoties will make you happier and throw your boredoms away.



Pizza-themed floaty really looks so yummy. It will turn out your ordinary photo to coolest photo ever! You can practice your cheesy selfies with your lovely squads too. If you like eating pizza, you will insanely choose this pizza floaties. Fortunately, you can create entire tantalizing pizza by gathering every single pizza slice. It only needs 8 pizza slices to form whole pizza. You can bring your own drink because there is drink holder on it too.



Oh my God! This pool float is exquisitely beautiful. Swan-inspired floaties comes in different colors and sizes. Most favorited swan floaties are black, gold, white and pink. Staying on swan floaties can unleash your cute personality. If you are already bored with the ordinary one, this floaty are not the same. Swan pool floaty is not only inflatable, but also will be giving you attractive Instragam feeds.



Unicorn is certainly loved by every lady. There is only one word to define this pool float. Unicorn floaty surely is so charming. Unicorn-inspired floaties will give you extra fabulousnees. All Instagram users agree that you revel your beauty photos with unicon floaties. Most people believe unicorn as beautiful, yet wild creature. Staying on unicorn floaty will bring you into mythical and magical summer hours.



This flamingo-themed floaty becomes outstanding Instagram feed this year. Flamingo floaties are available in many colors like pink, white, black and gold. Pink flamingo floaty is also always hunted by ladies. Staying on your flamingo floaty will undoubtedly bring cuteness on your Instagram posts. Don’t forget to get flamingo floaty in this summer!


If you have a vacation in Bali, you can rent various and fabulous floaties at Ruby Floaties. Don’t worry about the price! Ruby Floaties gives you the most reasonable price and good quality floaties. Go contact Ruby Floaties and be ready in this summer!

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