How to Create Instagrammable Photo at Swimming Pool


This summer is not only giving you great pleasures, but also a lot of excitements. In winter or rainy season, you may choose to hibernate inside your house. It is totally not interesting, right? Then, why don’t you spend times outside in summer? There are many challenging ideas you can do with your lovely people. Sure, playing dan having fun under bright sun will give you unforgettable moments too.

One of best way to spend this summer is going to swimming pool. You can decide whether you go to private or public swimming pool. All is okay for you! If you are still on vacation these days, you are able to take some pictures. It will give you the most memorable vacation ever. Swimming pool is right place to playing, relaxing and unwind your restless mind. This article will let you know how to create Instagrammable photo at swimming pool. Check these out!

Capture Photo with Natural Lighting

Never ignore this important rule! Going to swimming pool means that you are going to outdoors. If you are at swimming pool in the morning, natural lighting is the best lighting for you. Afternoon or in the middle of the day also becomes good times for natural lighting. Every photograph in this world need great lighting to create most amazing photo ever. Editing and filtering your photo at swimming pool are not required. Otherwise, the result of your pool photo will be poor. Use sunlight for lighting your photos naturally.

Look For White Wall and Pool

Another golden rule to creating Instagrammable photo is take a picture in front of white-colored wall. You also can pose near white objects such as white window, white chair and white board at swimming pool. You could try many poses like you want. White walls and white objects at poll will give you extra calmness and chicness in your picture. Most importanly, your Instragram posts can be not so busy and boring. Your viewers definitely will give their loves and nice comments for your awesome photos.

Focus on Strong Colors

One of vital elements in Instagrammable feeds is the eye-catching photos. Eye-catching photos need strong colors. Various strong colors do really matter in creating Instagrammable photos. Good photograph will draw a lot of attentions from viewers and followers into your nice photo. You can ask friend or spouse to capture your photo until you get most-wanted photo.

Posing on floaties will be smart way to creating Instagrammable photos. There are different shapes, color, sizes floaties for you. Some of animal-themed floaties are unicorn, crocodile, swan, flamingo, hippo, tiger and many more. Fruit and food-inspired floaties are pinapple, watermelon, doughnut, pizza and pretzel. Those floaties absolutely give you strong colors in creating awesome photo.

Are you on vacation in Bali now? You can rent floaties to create perfect Instagrammable photos for you at Ruby Floaties. Ruby Floaties is trustworthy floaties rent service provider which based in Bali. Ruby Floaties provides you reasonable price and unique floaties. So, let’s have fun and capture Instagrammable photo!

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