New Trends of Animal Floaties


Summer is a favorite season for all adventurers and vacation lovers. In summer, there are a lot of special activities you can try. This great months will provide you with many interesting ideas. You need to avoid staying in front of your computer screen during summer hours.

It will be better if you manage your summer vacation itinerary with friends, family and spouse. One of most-visited place in summer seasons is swimming pool. Swimming pool incredibly brings fun, happiness and freshness for you. Before relaxing at swimming pool, you have to prepare yourself. Swimming pool will be nicer when you bring your own favorite floaties. Floaties comes in different sizes, models and shapes. There are food-theme floaties, animal-inspired floaties and many more. Animal-themed floaties are not only flamingo, swan, unicorn. Here are new trends of animal floaties that you need to know.

Hippo Floaties

Hippo floaties are totally different with real hippo. You will get amazed with its super cute model. Hippo floaties also are available for adult and small kids. The face design of floaties hippo seriously will create happy hours at swimming pool. You can shop orange, pink and blue hippo floaties. Owning a hippo pool float is a great deal. You can relaxing your body on this very adorable pool stuff.

Tiger Floaties

You do not to be afraid because this is not the real tiger. If you are an wild animal lover, you must certainly like tiger floaties. Tiger floaties will let you imagining the combination between zoo and swimming pool. Tiger floaties also becomes perfect trend of animal-themed floaties to relaxing your mind. It will comfort your body because it provides a seating area. Tiger floaties can give you a different yet cool fun water activity in this summer.

Duck Floaties

This is exactly another awesome animal-inspired pool float. Duck floaties is only available in yellow color now. Don’t worry! You can ask your friend or spouse on this pool float! Duck floaties have seating space for 2 people. You will be cheerful because duck floaties are right item for tanning and staying in hot weather. Duck floaties are believed to bring much more fun for you and squad.


Mythical animal-themed pool float is not only unicorn float, but also pegasus. Pegasus is known as unicorn with wings. You must own pegasus floaties because they are so beautiful. It will get rid of your summer boredoms. Pegasus floaties have gold wings, giant body, gold manes and a tail.

Crocodile Floaties

You will have fun summer vacation on this crocodile floaties. Most crocodile floaties come in green color. Do not be afraid because it is just crocodile-inspired pool float. Crocodile floaties can be said as the most unique swimming pool floaties. Crocodile floaties also provide you seating area. Choosing crocodile floaties definitely will make your pool moments fun.

Do you like staying on animal-themed floaties? You can contact Ruby Floaties to get some unique, beautiful and awesome floaties. Ruby Floaties is floaties rent service provide in Bali. So, when you are in Bali and want to rent floaties, Ruby Floaties is the right place. Happy vacation folks!

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