Super Easy Tips in Cleaning Floaties


Do you also feel hot weather these days? It’s normal because summer is coming earlier! Summer actually brings a lof of funs and excitements for you and other people. In summer season, you could do various interesting activities with your whole family. Going outside and spending your precious times in summer, instead of staying at your sweet home.

There is nothing more refreshing than go to swimming pool in extremely hot days. Before going to swimming pool, make sure that you own your favorite floaties. This pool toys is definitely must-bring item at swimming pool. Your summer hours will not be the same by staying on floaties. You can relaxing your body and mind too. Floaties is really needed to liven up your summer vacation. Then don’t forget to always bring your clean floaties whenever you go to swimming pool. This article will give you some guides for keeping floaties clean. Here they are.

Check Your Floaties Condition

You must not neglect this first rule. Floaties in good condition will create great swimming pool moments. You need to ensure that there is no hole on your floaties. Those holes, even the small one can cause air leaks. It is totally unsafe for you, small kids, friends and family. Furthermore, air leaks in floaties could be harmful because it makes you drowning at swimming pool. Don’t patch your holed floaties! It is much better you replace old floaties with the new one. Remember that good floaties are so vital for you. Your inflatable floaties must be safe swimming pool toys.

Clean Using Scrub Brush

Don’t get wrong! Chlorinated water in pool still can trigger algae to grow. It happens because swimmping pool has right environment for algae to forming. That’s why after using floaties, sometimes your floaties will be slippery. Dirty floaties is so dangerous. Bacteria on your floaties can make you sick. Some diseases because of using dirty floaties are earache, itchy skins and cold. You can start cleaning your pool toys with water and special bleaching solution. First, you must make a solution by mixing bleaching and water. Then, wash slimy area on your floaties using soft and clean soft brush. Wash your floaties gently on dirty parts. Make sure you have worn your rubber gloves and glasses. These tools protect you from bleaching solution. You also can test bleaching solution whether it damages your floaties color or not.

Let Your Floaties Dry and Store Them

After cleaning and brushing your floaties, you need to dry them out before storing them. Your floaties must be completely dry because damp environment will cause bacteria to grow again on your floaties. You also can wipe your floaties using dry and soft cloth. Then, let your floaties dry naturally. Deflate your floaties and fold it into one or two folds. Finally, you can store in dry and cool place.

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