3 Vital Stuffs for Snake Skin Handbag Owners


Snake skin handbags have been widely known for its delicate texture. The surface of snake leather handbag can be said pretty sensitive to chemicals, heats and humidity. Every snake skin handbag owners need to care their precious fashion items. Caring snake skin handbag is very important because snake skin handbag can not be repaired. You do not wanna have worn-out snake skin handbag, do you?

You must be agreed that you want to get snake skin handbag which can stand up over time like the first day you bought it. Its exotic scales will amaze every ladies in the world including you. If you wanna have long-lasting and beautiful snake skin handbag, you need to take care it extremely. It means you must apply some cleaning product to your snake skin handbag regularly. It will keep your snake skin handbag original look and scales. Here are 3 vital stuffs for every snake skin handbag owner.

Snake Skin Handbag Conditioner

The first maintenance you shall do to your snake skin handbag is applying special snake skin conditioner. Please, take a note! Avoid applying snake skin handbag’s surface too much! This will cause dampness on the surface of your snake skin handbag. Snake skin handbag conditioner is specifically produced to restore snake skin moistures. You can apply snake skin handbag conditioner once in a year. Without applying snake skin handbag conditioner, your snake skin handbag scales will be dry. It can turn snake skin handbag from good looking into old looking. Remember that overdose snake skin handbag conditioner can damage its unique patterns and scales. You can shop snake skin handbag conditioner in botol spray or jar size.

Microfiber Cloth

Most of the snake skin handbag owner have said that taking care of theirs is tricky enough. Beside having special conditioner, you shall have microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth is necessary in cleaning snake skin handbag. You only must wipe your snake skin handbag using microfiber cloth. You can wipe your snake skin handbag based on its scales with microfiber cloth every 3 months. Microfiber cloth is so soft, so it is perfect for cleaning and polishing your snake skin handbag. Most importantly, it can be washable in washing machine too.

Acid Free Tissue Paper

Another stuff that you have to own is acid free tissue paper. This tissue paper is so versatile. It can be used to wrapping your snake skin handbag. Acid free tissue paper is definitely ideal wrapper. Do not worry, ladies! Because it has neutral pH so it can maintain snake skin handbag’s texture and color. Acid free tissue paper also can be used to stuffing your snake skin handbag. Stuffing it with papers is vital while you are not using snake skin handbag. Acid free tissue paper will keep the shape of your snake skin handbag in long term.

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