List of Instagrammable Floaties in 2017


What have you done in this summer? If you do nothing, then you need do something fun. Summer is absolutely a great season of the year. You can enjoying your sweet ice creams and going on vacation for sure. Some people may say that it would be very regretful not to spend your precious summer times. Yes, it is indeed true! Summer is such good opportunity for each of you to be happier and more active.

When summer is approaching, you are able to have a lot of fun and play under the sun. You may also feel that days in summer seem longer, brighter and warmer. One of perfect place to go this summer is swimming pool. You love chilling out, don’t you? You also can looking for best swimming pool in your area to spend summer hours. Swimming pool times are not complete without staying on floaties. You need pool float to brighten up your summer. Here are our list of Instagrammable floaties.

Flamingo Floaties

You will be thinking a vital element for your summer days. Pool float is the answer. You seriously need this inflatable pool toys to spice up swimming pool times. If you are scrolling down your friend or famous celebrity Instagram’s timeline, you are able to see their awesome summer photos. One of Instagrammable pool float in summer this year is flamingo floaties.


Don’t worry ladies! Because it has large size and seating area. Diane Kruger, a popular actress also really like staying on flamingo pool float. She choose pink-colored flamingo pool float. What a nice color!

Swan Floaties

This is another super cute animal-themed pool float for you. Swan floaties have insanely large sizes too. It can be said that in 2017 swan floaties are favorited by many famous world celebrities. As an instance, Kendall Jenner seems to enjoy staying on her swan pool float.


Swan float is not only chic float for Kendall Jenner but also for Taylor Swift. Swan pool float is a real summer thing for her. You can choose white-colored swan float in this year.

Unicorn Floaties

Unicorn is a magical and mythical animal. But when it turns into pool float, you will get amazed with its beautiful model. You may like choosing rainbow unicorn floaties to accompany you at swimming pool.


This extra cute pool float can help to create your Instragammable feeds.

Watermelon Floaties

Summer season means times for refreshing your restless mind. You can eating a lot of fresh and watery fruit. Yes, watermelon is best enjoyed in this summer. Beside eating real watermelon, you will be staying on watermelon float.


This watermelon float is great pool toys for lounging your body.

Ice Cream Floaties

This pool float is so indulging because it is sure like realistic ice cream. Ice cream floaties are very recommended for all ice cream lovers.

Processed with VSCOcam with q3 preset

You can shop from strawberry or vanilla-inspired ice cream floaties.

Have you owned those amazing floaties? You can rent and choose various floaties at Ruby Floaties. We are trusted floaties rent service provider in Bali. Ruby Floaties will always give you affordable price and best quality floaties. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have summer vacation on floaties!

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