Must-Have Summer Essentials for You

Summer on a beach

Do you love spending summer hours at swimming pool? If you say yes, you are making the right decision. Summer is extremely hot yet favorite season for everyone. You can do whatever you want to do in this wonderful season. You may start hiking, gardening, playing water games, bicycling and swimming for sure.

Before planning to go to the swimming pool, you need to arrange a list. This list will help you to get the most amazing summer vacation ever. Make sure you already prepare these important summer stuffs below. If you do not prepare them yet, we will guide you. So, here are summer essentials for you. Check them out!


Swimming pool times need special attire too. That’s why you are strongly suggested to wear swimsuit. Swimsuit is really designed to be worn by men and women at swimming pool. Swimsuit also protecs your vital areas from infections and bacterias. Now, swimsuits are available for all body types. You can shopping various models of swimsuit such as bikini, tankini and burkini. All is classified as swimming costumes. If you are a Moslem, you can choose burkini which is an Islamic swim wear for ladies.


After swimming and playing fun water games, you hair will be getting wet. Chlorinated water at swimming pool can cause brittle and dry hair. Therefore, you have to remove those bad effects of chlorinated water using shampoo. It is better i you choose sulfate-free shampoo. Because sulfate-free shampoo are able to restore your hair mositure. Sulfate-free shampoo is mild too. So, it will make your hair healthier. Sulfate-free shampoo is paramount toiletry for your swimming pool or water-based activity.

Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles is a pool stuff to help you see objects underwater clearly. It also prevents your eyes from dangerous effects of chlorinated water at swimming pool. Swimming goggles will create a different water experience. You can swimming with a complete peace in your mind. It is perfectly wore by beginner and trainer. You can choose vibrant-colored swimming goggles too. Whenever you are at swimming pool, swimming goggles is a must item.


Summer brings hot scorching days to you. Then, you need to refresh your throat by drinking cold beverages. You may drink an orange juice, ice lemon tea, cold water, vegetable juices and so on.  Drinkware is an important stuff for your lovely summer. Choose drinkware that can maintain your beverage’s coldness. Some of drinkwares in this summer are glass, stainless steel and plastic cup.

Pool Float

Your summer times at swimming pool will be completely wonderful if you bring your pool float. This inflatable pool toys is seriously needed by all summer lovers. One of popular pool float in this summer is crocodile-inspired pool float. This giant green alligator-themed float has large seating area for small kids and adults. You can ride and stay on crocodile pool float to break out your boredoms.

Do you wanna have great summer vacation? Then, you must bring those essentials. You can rent floaties including crocodile floaties at Ruby Floaties. Ruby Floaties is floaties rent service provider based in Bali. Do not hesitate to contact Ruby Floaties because we give you affordable prices and good floaties. Let’s have a fun in this summer!

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