Tips to Make Snake Skin Handbag Like Brand New


We all are ladies who love wearing handbag on our daily basis. Yes, this fashion item has been must-bring stuff whenever you go for hangout and attend a meeting. It seems like you can not go without wearing your favorite handbag. Talking about handbag, exotic animal skin handbag is the most beautiful handbag ever for any ladies. One of animal skin handbag is snake skin handbag. Snake skin is delicate snake skin which made into clutches, belts, accessories and shoes too. Among those snake skin-made products, snake skin handbag is the most hunted handbag by many ladies. Those ladies can be classified as ladies with high fashion taste.

The price of snake skin handbag is also more expensive than ordinary women handbag. It is because of snake skin handbag’s unique pattern and long durability. If you have snake skin handbag, you need to maintain it with special and loving care. Here are useful informations to make your snake skin handbag like brand new.

Don’t Let It Dry Out!

This is the ultimate rule for every snake skin handbag owner. You need to know that snake skin products dry out easier than leather product. Without maintaining it properly, your snake skin handbag will turn into worn-out handbag. Snake skin scales can dry out faster than you may expect. You can still do something to prevent it happens. You have to apply special snake skin product conditioner on the surface of snake skin handbag. Drop snake skin conditioner on microfiber  cloth, then apply it on your snake skin handbag surface. This step will avoid your snake skin handbag from flaking and cracking. There are tons of special snake skin handbag conditioners on the stores or online shops.

Keep Stuffing It!

Every snake skin handbag owners may be afraid that theirs will be distorted. You do not want this tragedy, right? You are able to stuff snake skin handbag using t-shirt, butter paper, towel, bubble wrap, acid free tissue paper and so on when you are not using it. Just fill your snake skin handbag reasonably! Overstuffing can cause shape distortion. Avoid squeezing your snake skin handbag too! It is really damaging to yours. Squeezing can change snake skin handbag original shape. You must never hanging your snake skin handbag. Hanging seriously can stretch out your snake skin handbag shape. After wearing it, you also need to undo its fastenings and buckles.

Avoid Sunlight and Damp Place!

Your snake skin handbag obviously will become less durable if you do not maintain it carefully. Put and keep your snake skin handbag in strong sunlight place can change its color drastically. Your dark colored snake skin handbag will become old and yellowish handbag. In the other hand, placing it in damp place can cause swelling to your snake skin handbag. The best way is keep it in a dry and cool place inside the cardboard.

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