How to Wash Your Floaties Correctly


Most people in the world are always waiting for the arrival of beautiful season. That beautiful season is summer. In this season, they can do many events and activities. Summer becomes the right time to have a vacation. Weather is getting warmer and sky seems brighter than another seasons. It is seriously bad idea if you are only sitting in front of your computer screen. There is nothing merrier than going on vacation and doing your favorite summer activities.

Interesting activity that you shall do is staying on floaties. Popularly, floaties are also loved by a lot of world celebrity. So, why don’t you do the same? Before lazing around on floaties, you must focus on the hygiene of your floaties. It is so important because you are staying for some hours on there. If you sunbathe on dirty floaties, probably you can get skin diseases. On the other hand, clean floaties give you a complete peace of mind. So, here are our tips about how to wash your floaties correctly.

Clean It Using Special Solution

Sometimes, you may see slimy areas on your pool float. It is caused by environment at your swimming pool. Althought chlorin helps to prevent algae from forming, algae still does exist. It can make your pool float becomes so slippery. Do not stay on dirty pool float! You are able to use pool float after cleansing it with special solution. The solution is the mixture of household bleach and water. The usual comparison is 1:2, 1 one for the household bleach and 2 for water. Wash it using soft scrub brush gently. Then, you need to rinse it thoroughly. A hose obviously will help your work.

Squeeze Your Pool Float

Before storing your pool float, please remember to squeeze it at first. Squeezing is essential to remove any excess of water. Without squeezing any water inside your pool float, your float will not be fully dry. You have to dry out your pool float with towel or cloth. Dry out your floaties under the sun. When your pool float is totally dry, it is time for storing pool float.

Store It In The Right Environment

Fold your floaties into one or two fold before storing them. You can store your pool float in a bag, cardboard, mesh cart or cupboard. Make sure you store them in dry and cool place. Your floaties are your loveliest summer pool toys, so you are suggested to wash it regularly. Own a clean pool float will make your stay on floaties more comfortable. You are not afraid of getting earache and cold too. So, you periodically have to clean, squeeze and store your pool float.

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