4 Fun-Filled Activites to Try in Summer


Everyone do fall in love with summer season. This season brings warm weather and bright sun to anybody. Some people might say that their days are more colorful in summer than other season. It is indeed so true. You are making a big mistake without spending your precious summer holiday. This lovely seasone also provides you a nice treat and a lot of joy.

Summer means sunny and perfect days. You can get many awesome things in this great season. Make sure you already make bucket list what you wanna really do in summer. If you still get confused what you will do, our article will guide and help you. You can lighten up your days in summer season, by doing some fun-filled activities below. So, here are those activities!


If you are not really sure what kind of activity you shall do, swimming is on the top list. Swimming actually can be said as summer water sport. You can do it together with your kid, friend and family. The important element of swimming is preparing all your equipments very well. You never have a good swimming times without listing your necessities. You may need swimming suits, swimming goggles, sulfate-free shampoos, sunblocks and etc. Do not forget to bring your swimming essentials when you go to swimming pool. It is a must especially for a beginner.


This is another water sport that bring a tons of happiness. By doing snorkeling, you can observe a wonderful underwater environment. You need some snorkeling tools such as swimfins, snorkel and diving mask. The interesting part of snorkeling is you can see amazing undersea life. Nothing is more fun than exploring underwater creatures. Most importantly, snorkeling can be done by all  generations from children to adults. You are getting happier because you are able to experience undersea life and feel the sensation of clear water. To make it more exciting, you shall go to nice snorkeling destinations.


Do not forget practice your hiking skills in this summer. Because summer is surely a perfect time to go hiking. Your adventurous and courageous characters unite together when you do hit mountain trails. What can hiking give for you? Hiking seriously becomes fun-filled activity because it gives you beautiful scenery, enthusiastic spirit and wild life. Furthermore, hiking is amusing and very worth a try.

Playing at Waterbom

Dare to try the funnest summer activity? You can playing at waterbom. There are a lot of water ride and attraction at every waterbom. Moreover, you are able to take some photos too. Small kids, teens and adults totally will like spending their summer hours at waterbom.

You shall come and experience heart-pumping rides and attractions at Waterbom Bali. It is ranked as best waterbom in Asia region. There are endless excitement at Waterbom Bali. You can go to Waterbom Bali with your whole family.

Do you wanna get reasonable ticket price of Waterbom Bali? Go get it by contacting number 08123966865 through Whatsapp or SMS. Have a joyful summer vacation at Waterbom Bali!

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