What to Prepare Before Going to Waterbom


Everybody like waiting the arrival of summer season. There are some strong reasons behind it. They can relaxing their mind from bustling regular activities, spending summer vacation, doing their hobbies and feeling the sensation of sea breeze. Summer vacation is irresistibly wonderful to anybody. The good side of summer season is the day seems longer than usual.

Go make an itinerary in this summer. Put waterbom on the top list. Waterbom will be your quick yet fun getaway. It might be much better if you go there with your friend, squad or spouse. Spending summer vacation at waterbom can be done whether on the weekends or on the weekdays.

Before going to waterbom, make sure you have prepared all your important things. Without them, you may never get best water experience at waterbom. What are those necessities? Keep reading this article!

Waterbom Suits

Everywhere you go, you need special suits, right? Playing at Waterbom definitely means waterbom suits. You may wear bikini, tankini or burkini. If you do not have the items, it does not matter. You are still able to wear any clothes like you want.

In this summer, the weather is extremely hot. Then you must avoid wearing uncomfortable clothes. It is paramount not to wearing black clothes at waterbom. It is due to the bright and strong sunlight in summer season. Whenever you go to waterbom, do not forget to put waterbom suits on your bucket list.


It is accepted and understood by everyone that weather is so hot in summer. You do not want to get skin cancer, do you? Sunscreen becomes a vital element to wear before going to waterbom. For your information, the temperature in summer is above 30 Celcius degrees.

Applying sunscreen to all your body areas then is a must. You may reapply it if you want to. Before going to waterbom, always applying sunscreen. You can shop for tanning oils at beauty stores too.


This drink has so many benefits for your body. In the warm season like summer, drinking a plenty of fresh water will be helpful. Mineral water is very beneficial to flush out all toxins in your body. Most importantly, drinking water keep you hydrated. Be sure to drink water before going to waterbom!


It is the last but not least thing. Every destination needs an admission ticket, so does Waterbom Bali. You can not enter Waterbom Bali without bringing your ticket. Waterbom Bali provides you with abundant fun rides and attractions. Those rides and attractions are waiting for you to try.

You will miss out some precious hours if you do not prepare your ticket really well. Furthermore you can be regretful too because Waterbom Bali can turn your boring day into best day ever. Waterbom Bali is world-class waterpark and built under international safety and environmental standards.

Do you wanna spend vacation at Waterbom Bali? Get the affordable ticket price soon. You can contact number 08123966865 through SMS or Whatsapp. So do not wait too long! Let’s unleash your happiness at Waterbom Bali!

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