5 Favorite Floaties of World Celebrities


Summer is approaching and coming very soon. You are getting such beautiful season. You will consciously feel the warm weather in summer. Moreover, days in summer seems longer than in the other seasons. The blue skies are absolutely beautiful too.

Your summer will be boring season, without going on vacation. You shall choose where will you go in this charmingly great season. One of most-visited destinations in summer is swimming pool. If you really enjoy pool life, you must put swimming pool on your bucket list.

Interestingly, some world celebrities also like spending their summer vacation. They use pool floats to spice up their summer hours. You can be like them too as long as you bring the same floaties. In this article you will know 5 favorite floaties of world celebrities. Check this out!

Unicorn Floaties

Unicorn is known as magical animal in the Greek mythology. It has a horn, a tail and manes. This mythical animal succesfully has inspired companies to produce unicorn-themed floaties. Generally, unicorn floaties are white with rainbow-colored manes. There are seating areas on unicorn floaties too.



Some world famous celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton love staying on unicorn floaties in summer. They always post their adorable sun-kissed photos on Instagram. You can notice that they never forget to spend their precious summmer vacation on lovely unicorn floaties.

So, you can unleash your happiness by lazing around on unicorn floaties. This unique pool float will keep you cheerful in summer.

Swan Floaties

Your days will be filled with regrets if you do not do anything in this summer vacation. Summer does not always mean hot season. It actually forces you to spend your summer days on hottest pool accesory. You might choose swan floaties like what Rihanna did.


The singer of Umbrella does not miss out summer vacation opportunities. Rihanna really thinks that nothing is merrier than staying on favorite floaties. So, when you see on Rihanna’s Instagram feeds, you are able to find her on white swan floaties. Another world celebrities who enjoy summer on swan floaties are Vanessa Hudgens, Emmy Rossum, Taylor Swift, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.

Flamingo Floaties

If you still get confused to pick up floaties, Diana Kruger is such real inspiration for you. Giant inflatable pink-colored flamingo floaties totally wins Diana Kruger’s heart. She chooses to stay on flamingo floaties and relax her body. Diana also looks so happy when she stay there.


You can not say you are a fan of Diana Kruger, without choosing the same pool float. Flamingo-inspired floaties definitely is a must.

Donut Floaties

Do you like listening Justin Bieber’s songs? This world celebrities like spending his pool times with donut floaties. Justin Bieber does not hesitate to opt pink-colored donut floaties. This pool float has colorful sprinkles on top and cute color.


Risher Witherspoon also love lazing her body on donut floaties. You can follow their favorite floaties too.

Pegasus Floaties

Mythical creatures are so enchanting indeed. Pegasus-themed floaties has become new trend nowadays. World celebrity like Emily Ratajkowski love spending her summer hours on pegasus floaties.


This inflatable pool float is available in white color with gold tail, manes and wings. Pegasus pool float is worth a try.

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