4 Reasons You Must Spend Summer on Floaties


If you are asked about your favorite season, summer definitely is the answer. You will not see the clearest blue skies in the other seasons. You also can not feel the warm weather. Summer gives you everything you need. That’s why you can be the happiest person as long as you enthusiastically spend summer vacation.

Everyone do love summer vacation. It is the longest vacation for students and a lot of people. Going on summer vacation will make you more cheerful than before. You can arrange a family travel or short getaway in this prime season. Without knowing your summer itinerary, you may not have loveliest vacation.

Most importantly, you must look for an activity that you really like. One of increasingly popular summer activity is staying on pool float. It already becomes new trend of world famous celebrities too. Here are 4 reasons you must spend summer on floaties.

Getting An Awesome Sunbathe

People set their own goals, so do you. Get a beautiful tanned skin may be one of your goals in this year. You can make your goals come true for sure. Stay on pool float is such briliant way to get exotic skin. Because pool float can catch some sunlights.

You need to wear the most comfortable summer clothes. Before staying on a pool float, make sure you have applied sunscreen on your body. It will prevent your skin from getting skin cancer. You like having healthy and tanned skin at the same time right? Then, do not forget to use tan oil while you enjoy sunbathing.

Relaxing Your Restless Mind

Summer vacation helps you to breakout many boredoms. Stay on floaties has the same effect as well. Your daily activities sometimes make you tired. It is not only for your body, but also for your mind. You are able to relax your restless mind by staying on pool float.

To give you a peaceful mind, you may listening your favorite musics or reading a comic. If you do not like both, you can only choose to stay on pool float. Consider the size of your pool float, so it will not disturb your summer hours.

Sipping Favorite Drinks

One of big problems at swimming pool is you can not drink your favorite summer drink. Now, it does not happen anymore. Most pool floats have holder. It is special space to put your drinks.

Summer is very best enjoyed by drinking seasonal drinks such as fruit punchs, popsicles, lemonades and ice creams. You will not get any thirsts when you stay on floaty.

A Ton of Instagrammable Photos

Nowadays, people have their own social media including you. Stay on floaties seriously will give you best photos to upload on Instagram. Do not forget to choose bright-colored floaties. Unique floaty models are recommended for you. Donut, watermelon, swan, unicorn, crocodile, flamingo floaties are obviously amazing.

Are you looking for floaties? You can get a wide selection of floaties at Ruby Floaties. Ruby Floaties is a trusted floaties rent service provider based in Bali. Do not hesitate to contact Ruby Floaties , just call, WhatsApp or SMS on 08123966865. Let’s stay on floaty!

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