5 Pool Toys to Create Fun Summer Hours


We have summer now! It can be said that summer is a favorite and beautiful season for every people. There are warm weather, clear blue sky, fun vacation and endless happiness. All of you surely will be so excited in this summer. Another reason why people really love summer season are they can splashing their bodies with water and playing under bright sun.

You may like spending your summer vacation with your friend, family, spouse or small kids too. Do not miss the chance to enjoy summer! Please remember that warm weather does not mean staying at house. Warm weather is definitely perfect time for going outside. Swimming pool becomes the best place to spend your precious summer season. You only need to arrange and prepare swimming pool necessities. To have wonderful summer hours, you must bring your own pool toys. This article will give you 5 pool toys to create your fun water experience. Check these out!

Shimmer Dive Fish


This pool toys is specifically made for small kids from 5 to 9 years old. It comes in many colors, so it will attract your kids to play the water game. Shimmer Dive Fish is weighted and it can easily sink at the bottom of swimming pool. Your kids also may not face any difficulties to spot these Shimmer Dive Fish. This pool toys seriously brings a lot of fun. Your kids will have a race with another kids to grab Shimmer Dive Fish.


Beach Ball


Beach ball is not only for beach games, but also swimming pool games. It also has light weight because it is simply a plastic ball. Most beach balls have large size too. The interesting part of beach ball is its vibrant color. Bringing beach ball at swimming pool can help to break out of your boredoms. Beach balls are recommended for small kids, teens and adults.



Inflatable Ball


Please do not get confused! This inflatable ball is not same as beach ball. Beside playing the Shimmer Dive Fish, your kids will like playing inflatable balls too. There are colorful orbs inside the inflatable ball. You can shop from unicorn, shark or swan inflatable balls. This pool toys is amazing because it is more awesome than ordinary ball.



Swim Noodles


If inflatable balls are good for your kids, swim noodles are okay for people of all ages. It means that kids, teens and adults can have swimming pool times using these swim noodles. The functions of swim noodles are prevent you from slipping through and help you when practicing to swim. Having swimming pool noodles is a must especially if you are beginner.


Pool Float


Pool floats are gaining their popularities these days. There are many kind of floaties. You can choose food-themed or animal-inspired floaties. Some of famous floaties on Instagram are unicorn, swan, donut, flamingo, pizza, pretzel, crocodile and watermelon. All is so Instagrammable!


Do you wanna have fun summer hours? You can rent floaties at Ruby Floaties. Ruby Floaties is trusted floaties rent service provider based in Bali. So, if you are spending your summer in Bali, you are able to contact Ruby Floaties. We will give you reasonable price and good quality floaties, just call, WhatsApp or SMS on 081805646200 and 08123966865. Have an amazing summer!

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