Cute Floaties to Bring in Pool Party


Summer obviously gives us wonderful yet extremely hot days. Sometimes it makes us just staying at our lovely homes. We seems that we have a right reason to do nothing in summer. If you never did activities on the outside before, you had to do fun activities in this great season. You may like splashing and playing with your friend or family. Then, it is very good idea to manage a pool party.

We all have to admit that pool party is not complete without the existence of floaties. The functions of pool float are giving you endless happiness and enhancing summer times. It can definitely be said that you can not have amazing pool party, unless you bring your floaties. Are you looking for a recommendation? This article will highlight cute floaties to spice up your pool party. Let’s start it!

Flamingo Floaties


Pool party means a lof of pool float. You must prepare many floaties based on the number of participants. So, every person can stay on their own pool float. One of adorable floaties is flamingo-themed pool float. To create a merry pool party, you shall choose brightly-colored flamingo floaties. Pick some eye-catching flamingo floaties which come in pink or magenta color. It seriously turns your ordinary pool party into super hilarious pool party. Do not forget to consider size of your flamingo floaties too. Over-sized flamingo floaties is the perfect one for adults. You will be sunbathing and listening your upbeat music on flamingo pool float.


Donut Floaties


If summer is approaching, it is the right time to enjoy ice cream. Actually, it is not only for ice cream, but also donut. This irresistible dessert also has inspired companies to design donut floaties. Donut-themed pool float will be loved by all of sweet tooth owners. You may choose pink or chocolate donut floaties. It must be exciting to stay on pool float with colorful sprinkles. You need to shop giant donut floaties. It will be better if your donut floaties have holder. So, you can put your favorite summer drink.


Swan Floaties


This is kind of pool float you shall ask for. Swan floaties will help to break out summer boredoms. It has cute design and big size. Moreover, it also gives you relaxing time because there is seating area. If you are a fan of cute animal, you can shop white, pink or golden swan floaties.



Pop Corn Floaties


Pop corn must always be your snack at cinema to accompany you watching the latest movie. Now, you can have a happy pool party by bringing pop corn floaties. Pop corn-inspired floaties are available in red and white color. It totally resembles  real pop corn. You may fall in love with this pool float.



Do you wanna have a pool party? If you are in Bali, you are able to rent various floaties at Ruby Floaties. Floaties are really great to lazy around in this summer. Do not hesitate to contact Ruby Floaties! Because Ruby Floaties provides you a range of good quality floaties with reasonable prices, just call, Whatsapp or SMS Ruby Floaties on 081805646200. So, let’s rent your favorite floaties!

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