4 Wonderful Waterboms in South East Asia


Summer season is a seasson filled with warm weathers, bright skies and happy vibes. In this precious season, people like having summer vacation. They can do a lot of fun activities. That’s why people look so enthusiastic in summer. Even some people believe that their days will be more cheerful in this season than in the other seasons.

Your summer is just the ordinary seasons, unless you do summer vacation with your kids, squads and family. Find something that can be your short yet awesome summer getaway. Summer is definitely a right time for playing and indulging yourself.

You can make your summer vacation unforgettable by visiting and playing at waterboms. If you are traveling in South East Asia, these wonderful waterboms are worth visiting. Here they are.

Ramayana Water Park in Thailand


Are you in Thailand now? Do not miss out a chance to go to Ramayana Water Park. This water park is the largest water park in Thailand. There are some exciting rides and water slides you can try. If you bring your kids to Ramayana Water Park, they must try kids zones, namely lazy river and wave pool.

Kids playing arenas give manmade-cave and geyser panoramas to your kids. You can visit floating market which locate near this water park too. Some favorite rides are Python, Aquaconda and Aqualoop.

Adventure Cove Water Park in Singapore


Singapore is not always about skyscrapper buildings, but also an interesting activity. You must have a visit to Adventure Cove Water Park in Singapore. This water park can be said as the best water park in the entire Singapore. There is more than 20.000 fish inside giant aquarium.

You can go snorkeling in Adventure Cove Water Park. Then, you may like playing on pool float under giant aquarium tunnel. For an adventure seeker, water blaster and hydro-magnetic roller coaster will be great options.

Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon in Malaysia


This is not an ordinary lagoon, because lost lagoon actually means Nickelodeon-themed water park. If you want to try adrenaline-pumping ride, Monsoon 360 is totally good deal. In this ride, you will zoom down at the speed of 60 kilometer/hour.

SpongeBob lovers surely must try all 12 attractions in SpongeBob Splash Adventure. Since it was built in lush rainforest, you might see beautiful view in Moolalah Adventure River. This water park helps to chill out your body in summer.

Waterbom Bali in Indonesia


This waterbom is ranked as best waterbom in Asia region based on TripAdvisor. Waterbom Bali also got position as number two water park in the world. It is fantastic, isn’t it? Waterbom Bali will provide you with more than 20 top rides and attraction.

One of world-class rides in Waterbom Bali is its longest water slide. It has length around 250 meters. Waterbom Bali must be the most amazing place for all thrilling-seekers. You can play at Flow Rider, Water Blaster, Euro Bungy, Lazy River, Python, Funtastic, Super Bowl and many more.

When you are in Bali, do not forget to cooling off your body at Waterbom Bali. Do you want to go to Waterbom Bali? Get the best ticket price by contacting number 08123966865 through Whatsapp or SMS. Let’s have fun there!

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