4 Luxurious Handbag Types for Women


Handbag is definitely essential part of women fashion. They can not go without wearing their favorite handbag. Women handbags are truly functional too. Handbags help to hold women beauty stuffs and the other necessities. You are able to shield your valuable things in your women handbag.

Women like wearing handbag on many occasion whether formal or casual events. They believe that wearing handbag can enhance their look. This is totally true because handbags complete women style. Women handbag also reflects their personal fashion taste.

Amazingly, there are many women handbag choices. They come in different price, color, type and fabrication. Sometimes, you may wonder which handbags are really worth your money. This article will highlight 4 types of luxurious women handbags. Check these out!

An Iconic Bag


If you are looking for luxurious handbag, an iconic bag is the right option. You can shop for designer-crafted iconic bags too. Iconic handbag has unique geometrical patterns. Most women obviously will fall in love with black-colored iconic handbag.

You may choose to buy iconic handbag with golden straps. It seriously accentuates the luxury of your iconic handbag. Moreover, iconic handbag can be used by teenagers to adults.

There are some benefits of buying an iconic handbag. Black iconic handbag would not go out of style. It seems to outlast any women handbag trends. It does match perfectly with all women outfits too.

Medium-Sized Sheep Skin Shoulder Bag


Some women might find difficulties to wear handbag on daily activities. Now, they must not get confused anymore. Shoulder bag obviously can be their best choice.

For luxurious shoulder bag, sheep skin handbag is one of wonderful bags. It has smooth texture because of its sheep skin material. Wearing sheep skin shoulder bag will drastically turn your ordinary style into the most extravagant style.

Cream or black-colored sheep skin bag are such great deals. Since there is no handle on shoulder bag, you are able to mobile easily. Buying sheep skin shoulder will keep you trendy. Your style could be luxurious and sporty at the same time. It is nice, isn’t it?

Crocodile Skin Clutch


Women always put their beauty supplies in their clutches. If you do not about cluth, this is pretty small women bag. However, it is bigger than your makeup pouches. There are some pockets inside a clutch too.

Crocodile skin clutch is super nice women bag to carry all your beauty essentials. You can also opt for larger clutch. Crocodile skin handbag will be your luxurious stuff.

Snake Skin Handbag


Snake skin handbag is one of delicate animal skin materials. It has been widely used for making a lot of fashion items including snake skin women handbag. Wearing snake skin handbag will help to beautify your look.

You may choose snake skin handbag with a handle. Snake skin handbag can hold many items. Furthermore, its exotic material and texture will add a luxury to your style.

Do you wanna own snake skin handbag? You can find an authentic snake skin handbag at DEFV TANNERY. Do not hesitate to buy snake skin handbag at DEFV TANNERY because the price is still affordable.

Snake skin handbags are available in various models, colors and sizes. Check our collections on Instagram account of @defvtannery or call/SMS/Whatsapp on 08123966865 / 081805646200. Happy shopping!

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