4 Budget-Friendly Activities in Bali


Summer will always be the great season. Our summer hours are filled with sunny blue skies, endless happinesses and a lot of exciting summer plans. Weather in the summer obviously would perk up your ordinary days. Moreover, summer can provide you many things that you may never find.

Everyone might miss summer too. If you adore summer, it means that summer truly your season. You also do not need to give an argument why you like spending summer vacations. Because summer is undeniably your favorite season of the year.

Summer is best enjoyed by going to certain destinations. Bali is widely known as paradise on the earth. You will not miss out summer vacation in Bali, right? When summer is closely approaching, it is perfect time to go to Bali.

However, it is so important to choose low-budget destinatinations too. This article will let you know 4 budget-friendly destinations in Bali. Check these out!

Beautiful Beaches


Are you looking for a relaxing vacation? Beautiful beaches in Bali can be the answers. Your summer times in Bali will be completed with glorious weathers and wonderful beach days. Sanur, Nusa Dua and Kuta are famous beaches for both international tourists and domestic tourists.

Interestingly, there are still many beaches in Bali that you may not explored yet. You have to visit Suluban, Balangan, Karma, Perasi, Padangbai, Green Bowl, Amed, Padang Padang and etc. Those beaches will melt away your summer boredoms. The tickets are really inexpensive too.

Campuhan Hill


Sometimes, hustling regular activities make you get bored. You can tackle the problem by walking at Campuhan Hill. This hill is not an ordinary hill, because you are able to see breathtaking natural views there.

The best time to go to Campuhan Hill is in the morning before sunrise. You can also breath the fresh air. Campuhan Hill will give super amazing view of paddy fields and nice villas. You only need to walk around 2 kilometers at Campuhan Hill. If you are hungry, Karsa Kafe is ready to fill your stomach.

Morning Markets


You are not such real traveler, if you have never been at morning markets in Bali. This destination is surely very affordable for any travelers. There are 2 markets in Denpasar such as Pasar Kumbasari and Pasar Badung. Fortunately, Pasar Badung is always open 24/7.

Going to morning markets in Bali will give a meaningful experience to you. At the morning markets, you can interact with locals and comprehend Balinese cultures deeply. Bali’s morning markets are good place to find out Balinese traditional cuisines, clothes, local crafts, Balinese batiks and many more.

Waterbom Bali

Days in summer are extremely hot. You seriously need to cooling off your body. Waterbom Bali is such awesome place for you. This waterbom will bring a ton of excitements in summer season.

You can ask your whole family to spend summer at Waterbom Bali. There are world-class water slides, rides and attractions. Furthermore, Waterbom Bali has been chosen by TripAdvisor as best waterbom in South East Asia and Asia. It is also ranked as number two waterbom in the world.

Do not worry about Waterbom Bali’s ticket price! You can contact us on number 08123966865 through Whatsapp or SMS. We definitely will give you the best deal. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s come to Waterbom Bali!

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