4 Best and Newest Pool Toys in Summer


There are 3 main characteristics of summer season. First, days seem longer than in the other seasons. Second, the tempature always rises and weather becomes so warm. Third, clear and beautiful blue skies. You may feel that your days are filled with vacation and positive vibes.

However, you may miss out something in this fabulous seaason of the year. Do not waste your vacation for sleeping and sitting in front of computer screen. You will get nothing from doing those activities. A lot of summer ideas actually do exist. So, why don’t you choose the best one?

People love going to swimming pool in summer. Because summer vacation can chill out your body and mind at the same time. Your swimming pool hours will not be complete without bringing summer pool toys. Here are some of our recommendations.

Inflatable Lounge


Do you want to relaxing your body? An inflatable lounge may win your heart. This is like special floating chair for water-based activity. Inflatable lounge with recliner is gaining popularity too. It will make your body feel so comfortable on inflatable lounge.

Inflatable lounge usually has some handles, cup holders and air chambers. The design of inflatable lounge really resembles chair’s design. So, this pool toys definitely will be great choice for spending summer vacation.

Emoji Beach Balls


You will need some beach balls when you arrange a pool party or just to create fun swimming pool activities. This water toys is not only loved by small adults,  but also adults. There are various emojis on beach balls. It seriously will change your boring days.

Put emoji beach balls on the water surface. Emoji beach balls are seriously awesome and worth buying as well. A package of emoji beach ball consists of 12 packs. Yellow-colored emoji beach balls shall not be left when you are lazing around at swimming pool.

Pocket Suntanner


Sunbathing is one of most common activities in summer season especially for ladies. Because they want to get glowing and exotic skin. Tanning oil is necessary to make your skin goals come true. Beside preparing tanning oil, you need to own pocket suntanner.

At first, this summer pool toys may be quite strange and unpopular. Pocket suntanner is completed with inflated pillow. You will feel like that you are on your own bed. If you bring your drinks, put those seasonal drinks on the pockets of suntanner.



Floaties become the most favorite summer pool toys. It is liked by everyone including world celebrities. In general, floaties are made of durable and high quality materials.

You will get plenty of benefits when you use floaties. This pool toys is perfect for lounging your body and playing in both floaties or pool party. You also need to consider sizes of the floaties before renting them.

Are you looking for floaties? You can get huge selection of floaties at Ruby Floaties. All floaties at Ruby Floaties have good conditions and reasonable prices. Contact 08123966865 through SMS, Whatsapp and telephone to find the best deal. Have fun in this summer!

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