5 Celebrities Who Like Carrying Snake Skin Handbag


A woman seems so obsessed with a handbag. This stuff can not be left on her daily basis. Women will agree that their handbags are so important. Women like looking for their favorite handbags too. Because handbags are really functional. It help to hold their beauty products and precious items.

One of popular  woman handbag material is made of snake skin. Actually, snake skin has been used for a long time in fashion industry. This exotic skin material is versatile too. Snake skin handbag is very useful for making boots, clutcthes, shoes, belts and more.

World celebrities also love carrying their snake skin handbags. They may be your idols too. If you want to be like them, make sure you know what color and model of snake skin handbag they choose. Keep reading this article to get snake skin handbag’s inspiration.

Eva Longoria


The other celebrities tend to choose crocodile skin handbags. On the other hand, Eva Longoria has different fashion taste. Eva Longoria prefers snake skin handbag more than crocodile snake skin handbag.

Eva Longoria opts for snake skin handbag with dominant black color. The snake skin handbag has brown color in the middle of the surface too. This luxurious handbag makes Eva Longeria’s look so stylish.

Katherine Heigl


This American actress also like wearing snake skin handbag, especially the one which made from python skin. Snake skin handbag definitely is a major bag for Katherine Heigl and works for any outfits.

She love mix and matching her elegant black dress with grey and brown-colored snake skin handbag. Katherine Heigl succesfully combines her outfit and her adorable handbag. She looks so gorgeous.

Chiara Ferragni


Chiara Ferragni is a businesswoman and celebrity as well. She will say that she automatically like using snake skin handbag. Python-made drew bag is her timeless favorite.

Her brown-colored snake skin handbag is so nice with her outfit. Unique snake skin pattern is such amazing addition to her style. Snake skin handbag obviously makes Chiara Ferragni’s look prettier and more fabulous.

Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton can be said as a celebrity who love wearing trendy outfits and simple stuff. That’s why Paris Hilton will not forget to use her snake skin clutch. Her snake skin clutch is totally made of natural python skin.

You can choose snake skin clutch like what Paris Hilton does. Guaranteedly, there will be no regret.

Florence Welch


Florence Welch can be one of world celebrities who motivates you to choose snake skin handbag. This luxurious women handbag has won Florence’s heart, so it certainly does the same for you.

She chooses snake skin handbag with light brown and dark brown colors. Florence’s peachy dress and dark brown-colored heels also match nicely with her snake skin handbag.

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