4 Adorable Floaties to Spice Up Summer Vacation


Summer is the best season that you shall not miss out in this year. There are some actual characteristics of summer. Sun is out and shine so brightly. Weather becames warmer and everything seems better. Simply, your summer days must be relaxed by doing vacation.

There is nothing more fun than having summer vacation with your lovely squads or family in this summer. Do not forget the great offer from summer! If you are still doing nothing, you will be regretful. It is better to visit ultimately famous summer destination and do your favorite activity.

However, it might be quite difficult to find out best summer package. The good news is summer vacation can also be cheap. You can save your money on short summer getaway by lounging on floaties. Here are 4 adorable floaties to brighten up your summer.

Swan Floatie


This pool float becomes so popular after Taylor Swift posting her summer vacation on white-colored swan floatie. There are 2 benefits of using swan floaties to lazing around in this summer. It has really big size and Instagramable effect.

You can recline your body or ride on swan floatie. This swan-themed floatie will make your body so comfortable. You may feel that you totally get summer spirit. You can opt golden swan floatie to bring luxurious vibes on your posts.

Pizza Floatie


Do you want to relax your body on unique floatie? Pizza-shaped floatie is perfect for those who like tanning their skins too. It has large seating and lounging area. Generally, pizza floatie does not shape like whole pizza, it is only pizza slice.

This oversized pool float will help to melt your summer boredoms. Your day must be filled with endless happiness if you choose pizza-shaped floatie. It can make your followers and Instagram users give their loves to your photo unhesitatingly.

Flamingo Floatie


This eye-catching floatie will always be gaining popularity. Flamingo-inspired floatie usually comes in large size and magenta color. People can also choose light pink-colored flamingo floatie.

Flamingo floatie is super attractive because of its pink color. If you are a fan of love color, pink flamingo floatie may win your heart. Flamingo-inspired floatie is durable and easy to clean too. You only need to wipe with smooth fabric after using it.

Ice Cream Floatie

Processed with VSCOcam with q3 preset

One of summer sweet treats is ice cream. So, why don’t you opt for ice cream floatie in this summer. You can eat your ice cream while you stay on ice cream floatie. It is such nice idea, isn’t it?

Summer hot scorching day must be tamed with cold dessert like ice cream. But it still does not enough. You have to stay cool by staying on ice-cream themed floatie. You can choose the colors of ice cream floatie based on your personal taste. Your photos on Instagram will be so picturesque then.

So, those are 4 floaties that really popular nowadays. Do you want to rent floaties in this summer vacation? You can get a wide selection of floaties at Ruby Floaties.

Ruby Floaties provides many floaties with affordable rental prices. When you have vacation in Bali, you shall rent floaties at Ruby Floaties. Contact us on number 08123966865 through SMS, telephone or Whatsapp. Have a wonderful vacation, folks!

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