4 Important Things to Know Before Buying Floatie


Summer can mean anything for everybody in this world. They will say that their days filled with tons of happiness. Surely, summer offers you a lot of exciting activities. In this summer you can develop your skills, have a vacation, do your hobbies and more.

Because of hot weather and rising temperature in summer, people like doing water-based activities. One of those activities is staying on pool float. For those who want to lounging on floatie, they have to bring their own floatie for sure. Floatie makes you enjoy swimming and lazing around enthusiastically.

However, it seems to be confusing in buying floatie. If you ever felt this problem too, it is better to find some important things before buying your awesome pool float. Check these out, folks!

The Material of Floatie

Choosing right material does matter for you. There are 2 main materials of floatie, named inflatable and foam. The material of your floatie will give impact to its durability. If you opt for inflatable pool float, it has soft and comfortable vinyl material. Despite of this, inflatable floatie tend to leak faster than foam one.

In the other hand, foam-made floatie has an outstanding durability. This kind of floatie usually uses light foam which covered by the second layer. Unfortunately, foam floatie is relatively expensive because of its double materials. The selection of foam floatie is also not as wide as inflatable floatie.

Size of Floaties

You must take floatie’s size into your consideration too. There is endless variety of floatie out there. If you want to buy floatie for small kids, small to medium-sized floatie definitely is the best answer.

Oversized floatie is highly recommended for adult. This floatie is also perfect for more than 1 person. So, you can ask your friend to stay on floatie together. Without choosing the right size, you will not get wonderful swimming pool hours.

Type of Floatie

Plenty of floatie types are available in the online or offline store. You can choose either classic or fun floatie. Classic floaties obviously have single color and there is no attractive model. But it makes you feel so relax because your body can lie flat on this classic floatie.

Fun floatie actually is more colorful than classic one. It also has unique shape that help to beautify your Instagram posts. Most of fun floaties make you can not lounging on floatie. So, you are only able to ride on those fun floaties.

The price of Floatie

Last but not least, you shall consider your own budget too before choosing and buying floatie. When you have limited budget, classic floatie may be the best floatie for you. You can choose various fun floaties if your budget is abundant.

Overall, those are 4 paramount things before buying your floatie. For the much practical way, you can rent floaties at Ruby Floaties. As a trusted floaties rental service provider in Bali, Ruby Floaties provides you a great selection of pool floats with reasonable prices.

There are flamingo, unicorn, crocodile, swan floaties and more at Ruby Floaties. Contact us on number 08123966865 through SMS, Whatsapp and telephone. So, make your pool hours memorable by renting awesome floatie.

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