4 Eye-Catching Floaties for Your Pool Party


Summer sunshine is one of wonderful things that you ever got. You can go to the beach, improve your surfing skill, do hiking and more. Summer vacation becomes something awesome that everybody has dreamed of. When summer is approaching, some people tend to miss out this precious season.

Do not make yourself regretful because of doing nothing in the prime season. Go packing and planning your summer vacation with your lovely ones. One of popular summer events is pool party. Based on its name, you definitely can guess that there will be plenty of floaties.

Floaties is such paramount item in every pool party. Without bringing floaties, your pool party is not filled with lots of excitements. To create a merrier pool party, we already highlight some unique and eye-catching floaties. Check this out!

Unicorn Floaties


Unicorn is really magnificent pool float to brighten up your days. This mythical animal-themed floatie is seriously a must for those who want to have fairytale-inspired pool party. An unicorn floatie has white coat, golden horn and rainbow-colored manes. There is nothing more beautiful than unicorn floatie.

Its giant size will fit to any swimming pools. Your pool party will be much hilarious with the presence of unicorn floatie. Choosing unicorn floatie for your party is the right option. This floatie obviously can steal spotlight and give magical touches to your fun pool party.

Flamingo Floatie


This pool float has an amazing pink color. It is also made of vinyl, one of durable materials. Flamingo wings can be used as handles so it helps to assure your safety. You are strongly urged to choose flamingo floatie because it brings fun vibes to your pool party.

You will be happy because you are able to laze away on flamingo-themed floatie. This swimming pool accesory surely can change your ordinary party into the most unforgettable pool party. It is also perfect to stay on oversized flamingo floatie with your squad.

Donut Floatie


Bring your pool party to the next level with donut floatie. Its gigantic size will make you float really like a queen or king. This donut-inspired pool party usually has chocolate, vanilla or strawberry frosting.

It is much better with its colorful sprinkles on top. This floatie is an important element for any pool parties. When you arrange pool party, you have to opt for donut floatie unhesitatingly.

Watermelon Floatie


Watermelon is one of noticeable fruits in summer season. That’s why you shall spice up your pool party with watermelon-inspired pool party. This inflatable pool toys will maximize summer funs in your pool party.

Bringing watermelon floatie can accentuate tropical nuances in your party for sure. Do not forget to choose watermelon floatie to lighten up your superb pool party. Because watermelon pool float is ultimately adorable and attracting. Additionally, this floatie comes with slice or whole shape.

Do you want to plan a pool party in this summer in Bali? You can get various floaties at Ruby Floaties. Ruby Floaties carries newest color and model of floaties. Find the best offer and affordable rental price at Ruby Floaties.

Do not hesitate to contact 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. So, let’s have an endless fun in this summer!

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