5 Important Handbag Types in Woman Daily Life


A handbag really plays many roles in every woman’s life from days to nights. It usually has a handle and attracting design. Handbag becomes the most important and functional stuff that can hold a lot of woman necessities. Without wearing handbag, there will be unwanted clutters.

In general, woman owns more than one handbag. Even the average women can have more than 10 handbags in their wardrobes. However, it is quite confusing to choose perfect handbag for you. Because there are various handbag styles and types out there.

After reading this article, we hope that you are not overwhelmed anymore when you are shopping and choosing ladies handbags. So, here are 5 paramount handbags for any ladies. Check these out, gorgeous ladies!

Bucket Bag


A bucket is a must have lady handbag on your hand. Because it can be brought on lots of occasion, especially the casual ones. Every bucket has an top and shoulder strap. So, you are able to open it whenever you need something.

If you like doing sports, you may wear bucket too. The best thing of bucket is its roomy space on the inside. It really helps women with plenty of beauty supplies and some gadgets.

Quilted Bag


If you are career-oriented woman, quilted is strongly recommended for you. Its design is simple yet elegant. This handbag type has patterns which are similar to quilts.

Wearing quilted bag can enhance your fashion taste and statement. You may choose quilted with shoulder strap. Mostly, quilted shoulder straps are made of chains. Black lamb leather quilted bag surely can be your great choice.



There are 2 main characteristics of backpack. They consists of double handles and shoulder supports. Every backpack generally has double handles on back side. Backpack can be classified as one of the most classic lady handbags.

This handbag perfectly matches with sportwears, casual social occasions, schools or universities events. Nowadays, backpacks are made from various materials such as animal skin, canvas, nylon, fabric and more.

Satchel Bag


This bag comes with different sizes from small to large size. You are suggested to wear satchel bag on formal occasions. It is simply nice lady bag for daily use. Most of satchels have vintage look, locking hardware, flat bottom and handles.

It does resemble messenger bag. However it still gives elegance to your look. A satchel bag are carried by 2 styles, across your body or on shoulder. If you need large-sized lady bag for your activities, satchel bag is such perfect answer.




Your attire will not be complete and awesome without bringing clutch. This lady bag has a rectangular shape like an envelope. Ladies opt for clutch when they attend events in the evening.

Sometimes, clutch is considered as purse too. This bag can be held in your palm easily. Its small size obviously will accentuate your simplicity and trendy look. One of increasingly popular clutches is snake skin clutch.

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