4 The Most Famous Summer Destinations in Bali


Summer definitely is such precious season of the year. Because in this season, there will be longest break for students, college students and more. You shall enjoy your routine activity off in summer. Without planning your vacation, your summer days can be boring.

Actually, there are many summer vacation ideas and inspirations out there. It is your task to choose which one you like the most. You must allocate days in summer for chilling out your body. Summer with its fun-filled days and awesome weather are surely perfect things.

You and your whole family have to arrange a short getaway in Bali. This beautiful island in tropical country seriously will indulge yourself and lots of travelers. Here are 4 the most famous summer destinations that you must take a visit.

Wonderful Beaches


If you are asking how many beach in Bali, we will unhesitatingly anwer that there are countless beaches in Bali. All is breathtaking. White-colored sand is perfectly matched with bluish water at the beach.

The best part of summer season is you can dress up in your trendy beach clothing. There is nothing more interesting than having beach times. Because you are able to drink fresh coconut water, see gentle waves and tan your skin.



Have you ever heard of Bali’s mystical vibes? Bali is not only mysthical, but also has fantastic charms. You can prove its timeless charms in Bali by visiting various temples. These temples are open for any tourists.

Visiting Balinese temples will make your vacation unforgettable. It is due to the cultural experience and mesmerizing temple architecture. Balinese temples are pretty calm too, so you can relax your mind there.

Art Markets


Some people do agree that summer vacation can be enjoyed with many ways including visit an art market. When you are in Bali, art market is a must. If you like learning Balinese culture, there are tons of examples you will find out there.

For those artsy stuffs adventurer, there are art market recommendation for you. Sukowati, Badung, Kumbasari, Ubud, Kuta, Guwang are some suggestions. Balinese art market is best discovered in the morning because you are able to meet locals and try Balinese delicacies.

Waterbom Bali

Bali is always put on the top lists by international and domestic tourists. It is just because Bali is like heaven on the earth. There are abundant things to do. You get endless fun in Bali when you play at Waterbom Bali.

As the best waterbom throughout Asia and second in the world, Waterbom Bali will provide you with world-class attractions and rides. There is heart-pumping attraction and super calm ride as well. Now, 22 rides and attractions at Waterbom Bali are waiting for you.

Do you want to play at Waterbom Bali? Do not forget to find the best deal of Waterbom Bali’s ticket price by contacting us. You can simply contact us on number 08123966865.

Please, contact us through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s be hilarious at Waterbom Bali!

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