4 Tips to Keep Your Vacation in Bali on Budget


Summer is not a summer without having vacation in beautiful destination. When this prime season approachs you, it means that you must arrange an itinerary soon. Sometimes, you may really get confused where you shall go in this summer vacation. Actually, there are tons of places you can discover.

To make your vacation awesome, you are strongly recommended to go to Bali. This island is definitely worth to visit. However, tourists are likely to hesitate whether Bali is wallet-friendly destination or not. The answers vary on your own spending.

If you can manage your budget very well, spending is not big issue anymore. For those who plan summer trip to Bali, this article is right for you. Here are 4 tips to keep your vacation on budget. Check them out!


You must not ignore the importance of looking for affordable accomodation. Because it will give huge impact to total spending during your stay in Bali. When you are on low budget, you may stay in a homestay which costs under IDR 100.000. It usually has a fan, single bedroom and shared bathroom.

The more you pay, the better facilities you will get. As an instance, IDR 200.000 you are able to stay in a room with air conditioner and hot water. If the hotel has swimming pool, you shall pay around IDR 300.000-IDR 500.000. It is paramount to note that some touristy areas such as Seminyak and Ubud are quite expensive.


The other thing you must underline is about transportation. In fact, you do not need to expect that you will find abundant and good public transportations in Bali like popular destinations in Southeast Asian cities. Local buses are not suggested for you because of their high pricings.

To travel in Bali easily, it is much better to rent a motorbike or a car. For a budget-friendly vacation, motorbike is surely the best option. It only costs around IDR 20.000-IDR 50.000. All motorbike in Bali is hired on daily basis.


Finding out cheap foods in Bali are not as difficult as you ever imagined. There are still many warungs (local and small-sized restaurants) which provide you with various menus.

You will keep your travel in Bali affordable as long as you avoid eating in big and famous restaurants. Eating like locals definitely can help you a lot. Fried noodle, fruit, soup, rice, meat, satay are cheap yet delicious.


Plenty of exciting activities are waiting for you in Bali. You can start your journey by visiting temples, walking near the hills, rafting, lounging on sandy beaches, surfing, snorkeling, riding bicycle and learning Balinese culture deeply in the villages.

However, you may need to refresh your body and mind in Bali. Going to Waterbom Baliis indeed brilliant idea. Waterbom Bali surely will bring you to fun-filled summer days.

As the number one Waterbom in Asia and number two in the world, Waterbom Bali constantly manages to be the greenest and best water park. Now, there are 22 world-class waterslides and some attractions at Waterbom Bali.

Are you looking for ticket of Waterbom Bali? You are on the right place. We provide you the most reasonable Waterbom Bali’s ticket. If you are planning to go to Waterbom Bali, grab the tickets soon.

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