4 Easy Steps to Store A Snake Skin Handbag


Nice outfits, pretty shoes, beautiful flowers, makeup supplies are such favorite things for most women in the world. But, there is still the other stuff. In general, women also love wearing handbag. Even a woman will have tons of handbag in her wardrobe.

It is popularly perceived by woman that a handbag is an integral part of her style. A handbag definitely will help to reflect her own fashion taste and character. One of fabulous handbags is made of original animal skins, including snake skin handbag.

Obviously, snake skin handbags have exotic skin patterns, unique models and elegant touches. To maintain its appeal looking, you must take care and store it properly. Without further ado, here are 4 steps in storing snake skin handbag.

Remove Stains on the Surface

Your snake skin handbag may get stained too. There are some real causes such as sauce, salt, ink, cosmetic and etc. Whatever the stain, you have to remove it immediately. If it is not stubborn stain, water and a splash of liquid soap are enough. Unfortunately, stain like salt is quite difficult to remove.

However, you can get rid of the salt stain on the surface of your snake skin handbag. As an instance, you must buy desalting liquid, then apply it on snake skin handbag’s surface using soft cloth gently.

Dry It Naturally

Sometimes, snake skin handbag handbag owners forget to dry their items naturally. It means that they have to dry it away in the air. An air dry technique will not cause negative impacts to snake skin handbag for sure.

In the other hand, heats which come from strong direct sunlight or hairdryer are totally not allowed. Because of using an exotic skin, you must avoid to dry it away from those heats. If you still do so, snake skin handbag can start peeling.

Use Special Conditioner for Moisturizing

Nowadays, there are some brands of special leather conditioner. To halt your snake skin handbag from peeling, you must apply this conditioner routinely. You need to assure that it does not damage snake skin handbag’s color and texture. The function of the conditioner is to remoisturize your stuff.

There is an important guide to use leather conditioner. Spray or take a few drops of your conditioner on soft cloth. Apply it on the snake skin handbag’s surface gently. Never try to cleanse it againsts snake scales.

Store It in the Right Place

Last but not least, storing snake skin handbag does really matter. It is just because this kind of woman handbag strongly needs your extra care. You shall protect it from heat and humidity too.

If you store snake skin handbag in a plastic bag, yours will get swelling. It happens because a plastic bag can trigger the humidity. Then, humidity helps molds and fungus to grow easily. Store your item in a microfiber pillow cover, dust bag cover and etc. Simply, put it in the dry and cool place.

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