4 Things That Pool Float Owners Must Have


Summer brings cheerful vibes, hot scorching days and warmer weather to your life. Stop complaining about the rising temperature! Because you are able to do various summer vacation ideas. One of the most exciting summer ideas is lounging around on pool float.

If you have floaties, you have to take care those floaties. Without owning some things, your pool float will not perform its basic function. Although it is made of not so high quality material, your pool float is still able to keep you afloat. However, you can not achieve it effortlessly, so there must be your attempt.

This article will give some guidelines to you. If you prepare these 4 essential things at your home, your pool float is never worn-out. Plus, it is not only comfortable, but also looks cool. So, check this out!

Air Pump

Making a splash on pool float is such interesting water-based activity in this summer. As an inflatable pool toys, you need to have an air pump. This tool will help yours floating.

Whenever you want to use your pool float, you have to make sure that yours is well-pumped. Without checking it, you may get drown. Now, there is huge selection of air pumps, including the electronic one. The air pressure controller in an electronic air pump will help you in managing air pressure output.

Soft Cloth

You can dry your floaties directly under the sun. But, there is better option that you must take. First of all, you shall use soft and dry cloth to remove the excess water on your pool float.

Please, never skip this step because your floaties will be damp. This will affect its durability for sure. Use your smooth cloth on pool float evenly. Then, you are able to let it dry an fold it before storing yours.

Bleaching Solution

Every pool float owner is recommended to buy bleaching solution. Bleaching solution has specific function to get rid of algae and fungus on your pool float surface. Without routine cleaning, yours may get dirty. The worst case is it can cause skin diseases too.

You are also suggested using household bleaching solution to cleanse your pool float. Do not forget to mix it with water. It must be noted that the comparison of bleaching agent and water is 1:2 or 1:3. Just cleanse it fast so the color of your pool float does not change.


Storing is important way after folding and drying out your pool float. Unfortunately, people may forget to store it in the right place. It means that you must put yours only in dry and cool place.

You can buy mini cupboard or floor cabinet. If you have limited budget, the best option is looking for new cardboard. The next step is store your dry pool float inside cupboard, cabinet or cardboard.

For much practical way, you can rent floaties at Ruby Floaties. So, you do not need to cleanse, store and dry your floaties. There is a great selection of floaties at Ruby Floaties. Most importantly, the rental prices are really affordable too.

Contact number 08123966865 through telephone, SMS or Whatsapp soon. Happy summer days, folks!

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