4 Tips to Maintain the Durabilty of Snake Skin Handbag


Have you ever heard a saying about woman and handbag? It says that there is beautiful handbag behind a really succesful woman. You may do agree that this saying is very accurate and into you. That’s why every independent and confident woman always wears a handbag on her daily activity.

As an important stuff in woman’s life, woman will feel that she loves her handbag so much. Women also like spending their times to choose a new handbag to complete their collections. Because a handbag is such vital and inseparable fashion item for several women. This is now understandable, right?

However, it is quite overwhelming to opt for woman handbag. Fortunately, you never get wrong with snake skin handbag. Because of using natural snake skin as its material, you shall take care it. Here are our tips to maintain snake skin handbag like the first time you buy it on the market.

Apply Conditioner Regularly

One of the biggest problems for every snake skin handbag owner is hers becomes dry. It is getting worse when you find yours starts peeling. Obviously, you are able to avoid this happens.

To keep the original color, you have to apply conditioner at least once a month. Then, you are also suggested to rest snake skin handbag againsts jeans. Do not forget to cleanse the surface with soft cloth and some splashes of water too.

Air Your Snake Skin Handbag

Storing your handbag in dry and cool place is great way to maintain its long durability. But this is still not enough. You must air yours on the weekly basis. If you are too busy, twice every month is okay.

It will brings some benefits to your snake skin handbag. First, it helps to halt mold’s growth. As you know, mold really likes wet and damp environment inside the cupboard or cardboard. Never air yours under the strong sunlight tough.

Fill Yours with Paper

If you always use snake skin handbag everyday, it may loss its shape. As an instance, you forget to undo its buckles and fastenings. The other example is you hang yours after using it.

It is seriously paramount to fill your snake skin handbag with acid free tissue paper, clean cloth, butter paper and etc. Do not stash a snake skin handbag using old newspapers. You will not get bad smell, right?

Put Silica Gel Inside Snake Skin Handbag

The damp condition in your snake skin handbag will cause swelling. Your snake skin handbag can be worn-out too, be it sooner or later. Keep snake skin handbag long lasting by putting silica gel. So, your snake skin handbag is not damp then.

Without using silica gel, snake skin handbag may be less durable. It also looks not so fantastic and wonderful. This is what your proper care for. With a loving care, your snake skin handbag will have an outstanding durability.

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Contact number 08123966865 to find your best yet affordable one. Happy shopping, ladies!

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