5 New Pool Float Models for Summer Days


Everyone will do agree that summer is such awesome season of the year. Because in this summer their days are filled with fun activities and tons of wonderful ideas. You may like gardening, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, hiking, bicycling and more. Whatever the activity you choose in summer, you must be so happy.

Recently, one of the most favorite summer activities is staying on pool float. This pool toys is seriously great product. If you spend your summer days on pool float, you will be very excited. Pool float is not only cute pool toys, but also really functional.

However, you can be so bored with ordinary pool float models. You shall not get confused because this article will inspire you. Here are 5 new floaties which come with unique shapes and models.

Gummy Bear Floaties


There is nothing more tempting than gummy bear-themed pool float. It usually has bright colors like red, pink, blue and yellow. This pool float definitely resembles your childhood gummy.

Do not bite this pool float! Because your action can cause serious leaks. Staying on gummy bear pool float is greatest idea that you ever took. That’s why you are strongly recommended to bring gummy bear pool float.

Poop Emoji Floaties


This is not as disgusting as you may imagine. If you have Whatsapp account, poop emoji is not strange for you. Poop emoji-inspired pool float obviously has brown color and shape like realistic poop.

Poop emoji floaties are very funny, so they will entertain you during pool hours. Probably, you do not mind because these pool floats are adorable and totally different. You will not leave poop emoji pool float, once you choose it.

Sunflower Floaties


Do you like gardening in your leisure time? If you say yes, sunflower pool float may win your heart. Sunflower will bring summery vibes to your days. Even you stay on floaties in the other seasons.

You are urged to pick sunflower floaties to spice up your summer hours. It has roomy seating area, so you can ask your best squad to stay on sunflower pool float together. Most importantly, you are able to relax your body comfortably.

Toilet Floaties

Nowadays, pool float manufacturers are so creative and innovative. They also produce toilet-themed pool float. This pool float model will remind you with amusing toilet humor, right?

Toilet pool float’s shape is similar to toilet at your bathroom. It also has back rest so you can ride and lean on your back. To be anti-mainstream, you may give toilet pool float as birthday gift to your friend.

Recliner Floaties


If you emphasize on comfort, you can opt for recliner floaties. Staying on recliner pool floats will avoid you from getting wet too. Plus, this pool float also has compartments and drink spots.

You are able to lower or raise it like you want. This will not be found out on another pool float models. Furthermore, choosing recliner pool float is such fantastic idea when you want to waste summer days.

Do you want to lounging around on pool float? You can rent various floaties at Ruby Floaties. Ruby Floaties is well-known and trusted floaties rental service provider based in Bali.

Get your adorable floaties by contacting number 08123966865. Contact us through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Let’s have summer vacation on pool float!

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