3 Hilarious Pool Toys Games for Kid and You


Summer is indeed best season of the year. That’s why you will find tons of fresh ideas in this prime season. You may like doing your hobby or playing water games when the hot weather approaches you. Summer is for all, it means both children and adults will get more excited than in the other seasons.

Swimming pool obviously becomes great place to spend summer hours with your children. Because there are always interesting pool games to try. One of unique pool toys to bring at swimming pool is pool float. Without using pool float, your kids can not play under the bright sunlight happily.

Hopefully, your kids do not waste their precious times by staying only on the bed. There are so many cute pool toys to have fun splashes. Here are 3 pool games using pool toys to play with your children.

Rubber Ducks Game


Before playing this game, you have to prepare 3 rubber ducks or more. The players must consist of 3 persons. Every player is given one duck at the corner of the pool. The winner will be chosen based on her/his ability to move rubber ducks using nose.

In the rubber ducks game, all players are not allowed to move the duck with the help of hand and mouth. If you still do so, you have cheated in this game and get disqualified.

Playing rubber ducks game will improve your kids swimming skills as well. Because your kids learn how to breath and swim in the water properly. To make it more exciting, your children can disturb the other player by splashing them with water.

Volley Ball Pool Game


Volley ball is not only played out of water, but also in the water. All you need are volley net and ball. This game will add an extra happiness to summer days for sure.

For those who like making splashes in the warm mid day, this game is highly recommended for you. If your children want to play volley ball, you can buy them a mini set of volley ball.

Raft Races


These days, inflatable pool rafts are getting popularity. As a competition, there must be 2 players or more. Trying raft races games will be such perfect playtime activity.

You may think that this game is so easy at first. But you get wrong because there are some twists to bring lots of excitements to the raft races. As an instance, you may put an object in the water at the end of the pool.

The racers must take the object and bring it back to the start line. Winner of this games is determined by the one who reaches the finish point immediately. This pool game surely will make you never get out of water in the hot day.

Do you want to play those games? First of all, you must prepare pool toys and floats. To get good quality pool floats or floaties, you can rent them at Ruby Floaties.

As a trusted floaties rental service provider in Bali, Ruby Floaties offers you with awesome floaties and affordable prices.

Grab yours by contacting number 08123966865 through SMS, Whatsapp or telephone. Let’s play pool games soon!

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