4 Extremely Fun Water Activities in Bali


Bali is always put on the top list by tourist, whether domestic or international tourist. In Bali, you can do a lot of interesting activities from visiting temples to lounging around on sandy beaches. There is nothing more exciting than having a vacation in Bali.

However, your vacation will be incomplete without trying some the most spectacular water activities. First of all, it is really important to underline that you are not urged to be sporty to indulge yourself there. An adventurous spirit is seriously needed to get tons of extraordinary water activities.

If you want to travel to Bali and try the most thrilling water-based sports and activities, you have to read the article below. Without further ado, here are 4 must-do water activities in Bali.

Jet Skiing


Swimming may be your favorite water sport especially when summer is approaching. But this is too mainstream, so why don’t you do the other water activity? Then, jet skiing is indeed a great choice.

Nowadays, jet skiing is increasingly popular water-based activity in Bali. You must daringly ride the sea vehicle on the water. This experience is precious because you are able to feel sea breeze and see blue water. It would be an amazing day!

River Rafting


Bali has many panoramic tropical forests and clean rivers. If your adventure level is moderate, you have to try river rafting. Fortunately, you can choose the right location which depends on your rafting skill. You will not be regretful when you spend some hours by rafting at the river.

River rafting is such adrenaline-pumping water activity for sure. Because you must conquer river there. Prepare yourself to get excited after rafting along with wonderful natural scenery. For those who like river rafting, you shall go to Ayung and Melangi River.

Banana Boat Ride


Having a vacation in Bali can be enjoyed in various ways from family trip to short and romantic getaway. Going to Bali and trying banana boat ride with your best squads are really fantastic options to waste your hours happily. This water activity can be done at Tanjung Benoa.

You, a  profesional guide and 3 friends will ride on banana-shaped inflatable boat on the water. Its giant-sized banana boat may create fun splashes and waves. Banana boat ride provides you with the most thrilling water activity as well. For an adventurous seekers, it is the activity they dream of. What a good time!

Playing at Waterbom Bali


Are you water-based activity junkie? Bali may be the best destination to indulge yourself in. Because it also has second best water park in the world, namely Waterbom Bali.

There are more than 20 world-class waterslides, attractions and rides at Waterbom Bali. A kids area, small fish therapy, massage station and food courts are available too. Waterbom Bali will offer you with lots of things.

Do you plan a vacation in Bali? Therefore, you must come and experience Waterbom Bali. If you are looking for a reasonable ticket price, do not hesitate to book the ticket from us.

Contact us on number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Have an incredible vacation, folks!

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