4 Wallet-Friendly Destinations in Bali


Planning a vacation is such exciting activity for lots of people. It is widely understandable because there must be days off after working and studying on few months. They can use their times for arranging romantic getaway, family trip, honeymoon package and an inclusive holiday.

Bali is really recommended for you who want to get the most wonderful vacation ever. You will have an unforgettable and heavenly experience in “the island of the gods”. Everyone agrees that Bali is definitely a paradise on earth. That’s why you shall not hesitate to escape to the Bali on this vacation.

Most of the people like having affordable and simple vacation. You can make this comes true in Bali. For those who want to make a trip with low budget, we highlight a list of spectacular yet budget-friendly destinations.

Extraordinary Date Night


If you go to Bali with your spouse, you can get tons of romantic ideas. As an instance, you may start your date by walking or bicyling near rice terrace and hill. Its majestic natural view creates lasting memories for both of you.

Then, you are able to have dinner at cafe or restaurant not far from the rice terrace or hill. You two will feel different vibes that you never find before. For your information, eating out in Bali’s cafes and restaurants are pretty affordable.

Fun Beach Activities


Bali obviously has lots of beautiful beaches such as Kuta, Sanur, Padang Padang, Green Bowl, you name it. Fortunately, most of those beaches also offer you with board rental. The prices may vary, around IDR 50.000-150.000.

Moreover, booties rental are also available. Bali’s beaches are great for scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling. However, you must be careful because the reef may be quite sharp.

Enrich Your Cultural Experience


Balinese’s hospitality becomes such real magnet and invitation for tourists to come to Bali. The majority of Balinese are Hindu, and they are strongly devout in their Hindu rituals. If you are in Bali, you are able to attend various religious ceremonies like Balinese wedding, daily offerings (Canang Sari), fire blessing rituals and more.

All of these celebrations will give you an incredibly memorable experience. Unlike the other pricey festivals, you can enjoy Balinese festivals for free. This is seriously the best deal, isn’t it?

Play at Waterbom Bali


After visiting Bali’s beaches, attending cultural events, seeing panoramic view, you are suggested to have a fun at Waterbom Bali. As the best water park in Southeast Asia and Asia, Waterbom Bali will only provide you an endless happiness.

If you are kind of heart-pounding seeker, its waterslides are must-try. You can bring your small kids for sure. Because there is special kids area at Waterbom Bali. You will try world-class rides and attraction at this fantastic water park.

Do you want to come to Bali? Do not forget to waste your hours at Waterbom Bali. To get an affordable ticket price of Waterbom Bali, you can book the ticket from us.

Contact us on number 08123966865 through SMS, Whatsapp and telephone. Let’s create your hilarious vacation!

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