5 Amazingly Popular Pool Floats in 2017


There is something that you really love in the summer and spring. Yes, a pool whether it is at hotel or your own backyard. Swimming may be favorite activity to refresh your mind after doing all busy schedules. You enjoy spending some hours for swimming to cool off your body.

Actually, you can waste your summer times by doing the other activities such as hiking, bicycling, gardening and more. You are also recommended to stay on pool float for sure. As a real vacationer, you shall unwind your restless mind on the lovely pool float.

To make you more excited, you have to choose awesome pool floats. If you do not find any ideas yet, we will help you. Here are 5 cute pool floats to spice up summer and spring break.

Peacock Pool Float


One of finest pool toys to brighten up your days is peacock-inspired pool float. This pool float helps to bring tropical and exotic vibes to your swimming pool. It can simply be said that peacock pool float is a must-have summer accessory.

It has quite big seating area, so you can ask your best friend to ride on it together. Peacock pool floats usually come in white color and the other colors like deep purple, light blue and green. What a perfect combination! That’s why peacock pool float is absolutely beautiful.

Sea Shell Pool Float


If you are looking for an ultimate summer relaxation, sea shell-shaped floaties are great for you. You can also bring sea shell pool float in every your pool party. Its unique shape will steal spotlights from all the participants.

Sea shell pool float is very easy to inflate too. Plus, it is completed with its drink holders to put your lemonade or juice. Staying on sea shell pool float will create your lasting vacation memory.

Duck Pool Float


One of best ways to spend your precious vacation is staying on duck-themed pool float. Its shape really resembles the real duck. However, it is much cuter than an ordinary duck.

You do not need to be worried because duck pool float has jumbo size. So, you can lounge away on it with your bestie too. Choosing duck float adds a lot of excitements to your pool hours.

Unicorn Pool Float


This pool float is totally inspired by magical animal in Greek’s mythology. You can not be happier when you stay on unicorn pool float. Because this inflatable pool toys will bring your summer vacation to the next level.

Create your own magical days by choosing unicorn pool float. Its rainbow-colored manes and tail helps to beautify your boring days. Moreover, this pool float also fits your Instagrammable posts.

Flamingo Pool Float


Pink-colored flamingo pool float must be classified as the hottest pool toys in this year. It has large size and seating area for two. This pool float also enhances tropical and summery nuances to your pool party.

Make sure you opt for flamingo pool float with durable material. Whenever you want to choose pool float, flamingo-inspired pool float shall not be forgotten. Hence, thinking pink will never get wrong.

Do you wanna spend summer and spring days happily? You can stay on an adorable pool float. Before staying on it, you must rent pool float first. Get those pool floats mentioned above at Ruby Floaties.

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