How to Know Genuine Snake Skin Handbag


DEFV TANNERY Collection 2017.

Handbag is an inseparable fashion item in woman’s daily life. This stuff usually has medium to large size and a handle. Wearing a handbag can reveal the woman’s unique character and fashion taste. That’s why woman chooses a handbag differently.

There are many materials for making handbags from fabric, cotton, leather and more. Simply, handbag’s quality also depends on its material. Because of lots of handbag kinds in this world, you are able to pick them out like you want. One of the most gorgeous handbags is snake skin handbag.

In fact, you may find difficulties when you shop snake skin handbag. It is just because there are many untrustworthy snake skin manufacturers who sell faux snake leather handbags. This article will give you some useful tips, so you will not get trapped anymore.

Look The Connection of Skin Pieces

Genuine snake skin handbag is definitely made from real snake skin. Its delicate and exotic skin will give huge impact on its connection for sure. Skin pieces are always connected on an original snake skin handbag. The skin pieces has very narrow connection too.

In the other hand, there is no connection of skin pieces on faux snake skin handbag. The chance of faux snake skin handbag is getting bigger when it has really larger connection area.

The Patterns Will Tell You

As genuine animal skins, snake skins may have quite similar patterns. However,  they will not look the same exactly. If you find a snake skin handbag with irregular pattern, surely it is the original one.

Faux snake skin handbag has large patch work area. Morever, it is characterized by same snake skin patterns and shades. You may spot the same patterns on your faux snake skin handbag, belt and shoes. Because it is only a synthetic snake skin.

Watch Out Its Price Tag

The more snake skin used to make a product, the more pricey it will be. Because snake skin handbag is quite large in size, obviously the price is not cheap. Basically, snake skin handbag has much higher price than the faux one.

But the high-priced one will not always indicate that yours is real snake skin handbag. Because some sellers may offer you with their faux products. So, you have to be careful before deciding to buy it.

Feel Its Touches

Snake skin handbag is well known for its rich patterns. This will help to turn your ordinary designed handbag into something wonderful. A real snake skin handbag also has an exquisite pattern. It also looks like a good piece of art.

If you want to beautify your style magically, do not hesitate to choose snake skin handbag. Its details will unleash your true colors and give classy vibes to any occasions.

Do you want to own authentic snake skin handbag? Grab yours now at DEFV TANNERY because there is huge variety of genuine snake skin handbags for you. You can shop clutches, purses and handbags.

At DEFV TANNERY, you will find original snake skin handbag with reasonable price. See our collection on Instagram account of @defvtannery. Then contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone.

Happy shopping, ladies!

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