4 Cool Pool Float Models to Spice Up Your Days

Vacation is not vacation without having fun days. You could be happier on this vacation by doing lots of exciting activities that you never done before. As some instances, you may planting, hiking, riding on banana boat and more. Surely, your days will be filled with awesome ideas.

In fact, people may forgot to spend their times at swimming pool. Probably they think that pool times are just too mainstream and ordinary. Not, this is indeed wrong. Because you will be able to stay on favorite pool float. To make your days more hilarious, you have to bring your own pool float.

Here are 4 cool pool float to prepare before going to swimming pool. If you bring one of these floaties, you will be soaking up in the sun merrily. Check these out, folks!

Pizza Floaties


Are you a pizza lover? You will fall in love with pizza-themed pool float for sure. Generally, pizza floaties really resemble the real pizza that you buy from restaurants. The differences are on materials and sizes.

Pizza floaties usually come in a whole pizza or giant slice of yummy looking pizza. By bringing pizza floaties, you definitely get excited. Pizza floaties are also recommended for individual lounger or one person. This pool float is simply a must.

Flamingo Floaties


This beautiful pool float must be put at your swimming pool. Bright pink-colored flamingo pool float does not only beautify your swmming pool at backyard or hotel, but also Instagram posts.

Oversized flamingo pool float is seriously pretty as well. Do not hesitate to choose this inflatable flamingo pool float. You will thank us later because you have a good playtime at swimming pool.

Duck Floaties


Duck-shaped pool float is the best pool toys for your kids. Its giant size will fit any swimming or backyard pool. Since you opt to duck pool float, your kids do not need to play small rubber duck in the bathtub anymore.

It is just because your kids already own their new play area. Interestingly, your kids are able to ride on duck pool float. Moreover, duck pool float is made from durable vinyl. So, your kids can have their wonderful times on duck-themed pool float.

Flip-Flop Floaties


Obviously, you all do have flip-flop as daily foot wears, don’t you? Fantastically, flip-flop has inspired companies to produce this foot wear into pool float. Flip-flop floaties usually come in really big size.

You must fully inflate this pool float using electronic air pump. Furthermore, the colors and strips of flip-flop pool float are so attractive. So, you love lazing around on this flip-flop-shaped pool float. Fortunately, there is a built-in holder to put your cup or drink.

Those pool floats are irresistibly great. They are perfect for those who want to get super nice selfies on all their social media accounts. You can be like them for sure as long as you bring favorite pool float.

Get yours by booking and renting floaties at Ruby Floaties. For information, Ruby Floaties is trusted floaties rental service provider based in Bali. Contact Ruby Floaties on number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Let’s stay on floaties soon!

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