4 Enticing Pool Float Models for You

Do you love going on vacation? You definitely will say yes because vacation can refresh your mind and body. Moreover, vacation is strongly needed by people who want to be more spirited and excited in the next days. However, you may be still unsure how to waste your vacation.

Sure, you can opt to stay on pool float. This pool toys is not only glamorous, but also fun pool accesory. If you have a swimming pool at backyard or hotel, it is the right time to bring your pool float. It is irresitibly awesome and perfect for social media posts and selfies.

Pool float is highly recommended to bring good times to your swimming pool. Are you planning to stay on pool float with your best friend? Without further ado, here are 4 pool float models for you.

Donut Floaties


If you have sweet tooth, you like eating donuts for sure. That’s why you will queue when donut shop opens in the morning. Your mouth will be drooling after seeing yummy donuts in the photos. Now, your wish also comes true because you can bring giant donut floaties.

It usually has chocolate flavor or strawberry frosting. To make it more delectable, there are some colorful sprinkles on top. Do not forget to fill your swimming pool with donut-themed floaties.

Ice Cream Bar Floaties


Another summer delicacy that you shall try is ice cream bar. It will give you a cooling sensation and sweet flavor in the hot scorching day. Its shape and look do resemble the real ice cream bar.

Furthermore, you can ride on ice cream bar floaties with your friend due to its big size. For those who want to luxuriate summer hours away, ice cream bar floaties are must-have items. This sweet sandwich is totally worth to buy.

Swan Floaties


Summer and spring are favorite seasons because people like lounging around on pool floats during these periods. One of wonderful pool toys models is swan-inspired pool float.

Oversized swan pool float is enough for 1 adult or 2 small kids. You will get the most comfortable pool times by choosing this pool float. Additionally, there are two grip handles so, you can pose while hold those handles.

Ice Cream Cone Floaties

Processed with VSCOcam with q3 preset

Nowadays, most of ice cream cones are available in one set. It means that you will get 2 or 3 ice cream cones. Its inflatable pool toys adds summer vibes to your pool.

Choosing ice cream cone floaties will never get wrong because these pool floats beautify your days. Ice cream cone-shaped pool floats have smaller size than ice cream bar float. But it still brings tons of excitements. Hence, this delicious looking pool float is a must.

Do you want to bring floaties to swimming pool? You will find a great selection of floaties at Ruby Floaties. For information, Ruby Floaties is trusted floaties rental service provider based in Bali.

To rent floaties like you want, you can contact us on number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Have a great vacation, folks!

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