4 Wonderful Experiences to Try in Bali

People seriously needs a break after working and doing all the busy activities. Without getting the days off, you may get bored and become unenthusiastic. Having a vacation with lovely ones will make you more excited to face the days. You have to create an itinerary and spend your precious times.

Bali definitely must be put on your top list. Do not forget to prepare all the things really well before going to Bali. Because there are tons of interesting activities to do. If you only have short getaway and family trip, you shall arrange your activities there.

For those who stay in Bali just one week, our article is worth to read. Because we will highlight some must-try activities in this majestic island of gods. Without further ado, here are 4 favorite things.

Relaxing at the Beaches


There are lots of fun activities in Bali and relaxing your body at the beach is a must. Bali’s beaches are widely known for the most panoramic view in the world. Fortunately, you can stay and lounge on sandy beaches for free. You only need to buy your best beachy clothes.

To get extra facilities like umbrella, chair, hat, you can rent them from rental service providers at the beach. Those rental prices are reasonable though. If you want to have long lasting memories in Bali, you are strongly recommended to stay at beachfront.

Water Rafting


In Bali, there are 2 famous water rafting areas, namely Ayung River and Waja Lake. Ayung River is not as thrilling as Waja Lake. By water rafting at Ayung River, you will find lots of natural enjoyments such as wild animals and natural scenery.

Waja Lake has breathtaking view as well. However, if you are a beginner, this is probably not the right location for you. Despite of its the most challenging rafting route, Waja Lake deserves a try.

Going to Ubud Monkey Forest


Observing monkeys are not only done at the zoo, but also at Ubud Monkey Forest. Because all the black monkeys live there. Obviously, there will so much fun after getting very close with cute monkeys.

It is important not to give any bananas and wear sunglasses. Monkeys at Ubud Forest will crawl up to you and steal your stuff. Make sure you keep your stuffs inside bag neat and zipped.

Chilling Out at Waterbom Bali


Waterbom Bali is the best water park in Indonesia, South East Asia and Asia. This waterbom is what you ask for. Furthermore, Waterbom Bali was ranked by Tripadvisor as second best waterbom in the world.

All water games and slides at Waterbom Bali suits people of any age. Its huge area, swim bar, restaurant, Balinese massage station, fish therapy, kids area, leisure facilities and food courts are such a whole package. While you are playing some rides and attractions, you are able to see tropical gardens.

Do you want to cool off body and mind at Waterbom Bali? You have to buy the ticket first. To get affordable ticket price of Waterbom Bali, you can book it from us.

Contact us on number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Let’s come and experience Waterbom Bali!

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