3 Different Materials of Handbag and How To Protect Them

Women really love carrying their favorite handbags. It seems like women handbags are inseparable fashion items on their daily activities. They will opt to handbag based on their unique personalities and characters. Then, it is easily understood when women choose handbag differently.

Luxurious women handbags have became more popular currently. In general, there are some delicate and wonderful materials used in making those glamour women stuffs. Those animal skins consist of crocodile, lamb and snake skin. Each of materials shall be treated with loving care.

This article will explain some important techniques for maintaining animal skin handbags. After reading it, hopefully you do not forget to keep your precious items anymore. Without further ado, here are tips for you.

Crocodile Skin Handbag


Crocodile skin is known for its thicker skin compared to the other animal skins. The older crocodile, the thicker its skin will be. Despite of this wonderful skin, crocodile handbag must be maintained lovingly. The special maintenance will make your crocodile skin handbag durable and fantastic. Without giving special care, its awesome durability can drastically diminish.

First of all, you must never ever cleaned your crocodile skin handbag using household products. Because it destroys the original skin and color. You are highly urged to clean it with soft and damp microfiber cloth. Buying special conditioner made for exotic animal skin will be nice option. Then apply small amount of conditioner on the crocodile skin surface gently.

Lamb Skin Handbag


The is quiet sharp distinction between crocodile and lamb skin handbag. Due to its thick skin, the surface of crocodile skin handbag tends to be rough. In the other hand, lamb skin handbag is notorious for its smooth texture. It is just because this handbag made from young sheep skin. When you bring lamb skin handbag, you will get super soft feeling.

Lamb skin handbag shall be taken care properly. That’s why you must apply water-based animal skin product to this handbag. Water-based cleaner and conditioner are specifically designed for lamb skin handbag owners. By protecting your lamb skin handbag with these two products, it will turn into truly outstanding handbag. You must be so proud of its wearable condition and great new look.

Snake Skin Handbag


DEFV TANNERY Collection 2017.

This handbag is classified into high-end fashion stuffs. Snake skin handbags are available in various patterns, models and colors. Everyone knows that snake skin handbags have spectacular durability. Although it is long lasting, it is able to dry out over the times.

So, you are seriously recommended to clean dusts and dirts on its surface using damp cloth. After cleansing it, you can dry it naturally. Do not expose your snake skin handbag with harsh sunlight and hair dryer. Then, stuff your snake skin handbag using acid free tissue papers and put it in the box or dust bag. Last but not least, store yours in the protective environment (cool and dry place).

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